A Secret Life Of The Nature And Its Laws. Should We Take Care And Think About The Nature?

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A bird is an acting instrument in which thethe individual can't change it in it's powerby its rules and laws.Leonardo da VinciIndividual always tried to know more about the world and to find out the place in which he is being.How do the modern animals and other different plants appeared. What made them to be in a such way? Whatare the reasons of disappearing of the flora and fauna from the times which are very far from us? What are thefurtherer ways of development the Earth? Here it is some examples and questions of from this huge informationand zagadok, the deciding which demanded and worried the mankind. One of this is- the beginning of the Life.From the beginning of the life till nowadays the individual tried to find out the answer to the question: "Can theperson reach something that a beautiful nature has already reached? If he could, for example fly as a bird, orswim as a fish in the water. That is why the answer of the beginning the Life in all times and nowadays has notonly the great interest, but a great meaning for forming the peoples' mental outlook.Of course a lot of people and a lot of different points of view, but in all I think all the people consider thata closest and deer for every one of us is the Nature. Why is the Nature, may ask some people, who doesn'tthink so? In this way we ought to answer that the nature is our second family, shelter and of course in everytime is our dearest friend. I mean that when we spend our time in the forests, parks, yards and beautiful fields,which are full of extraordinary, colorful and good smelled flowers, we find something like a majesty power of afeeling that we have beyond our inner soul. For example, when I am alone and I am sitting and have a feelingof relationship with the nature I become more strong, because sometimes, we need to have a spirit of our moodand only the nature can make it more higher than everyday we have. Isn't it good to enjoy yourselves byadmiring the beautiful sceneries of the nature? Since the past history the people wrote poems, songs anddifferent stories inspiring by the nature. That moment the muse accompanied them and they were able to do it.All the processes which are going in this nature have its own laws. For example, the birds and insectslike a people build houses for themselves, they like people. Even from the very first Creation of the Universethe God produced Adam and Eve, who was responsible for future producing and developing of the Nature. Soas I have understood their responsibility was to create the nature and double it themselves.Each tree and flower has a mind. For example, why the tree is not simple even by its structure, it has a lotof brunches and for example water, why water because when the people see a bad dream at night in themorning they go to the water and tell everything what they want, they express everything what they have intheir inner soul, some people go to the tree and seat under it to relax if they have problems and also some ofpeople...

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