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A Self Socializing Part Of Me Essay

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In recent times, mass media has played a pivotal role in changing our society’s thoughts and actions. Today, people seek inspiration directly from the mass media sources like violent games, movie stars, band players etc. All of these have an affect especially on adolescent minds which motivates them to create an imitated identity for themselves. Therefore, mass media has become a major socialization agent in their lives. It provides an array of choices spanning from magazines to films. As people make these choices, they invite the major sociological ideology of self-socialization in their lives. “Self-socialization means choosing socialization influences from the wide variety of mass media ...view middle of the document...

The first component of self-socialization includes imitation. The sources of mass media such as television, internet and magazines provided me with a platform wherein I could imitate my role model Cristiano Ronaldo and attempt to play soccer like him. It insinuated me to be obsessed with soccer. In my case, watching Ronaldo’s soccer games and using products associated with him, led me to lose my original identity. I started thinking of myself as soccer player. These imitations also included his hairstyle, clothes and cleats. In addition, I also changed my lifestyle i.e. I started working-out more often to be lean like Ronaldo. This act of mine to change my physical appearance in order to become somebody famous from the mass media made it clear that self-socialization was taking its course upon me. At a microscopic level this is the impact that mass media had upon me which helped create a pseudo version of me by the process of self-socialization.

Another classic mental symptom of self-socializations is called selective concentration. People participate in everything related to what the mass media promotes. By doing so they neglect other worldly activities. I demonstrated this by skipping my academic duties so that I could spend more time playing soccer. I neglected education to solely focus on something that appeared much more interesting to me because the mass media had presented it in such an appealing manner. I had not practiced my homework as many times as the soccer skills demonstrated on the Ronaldo’s YouTube videos. In a way, I had created an image of myself as a soccer player by selectively engaging in things only having to do with improving myself as a soccer player and thereby alienate myself from all other activities. This was how selective concentration played a role in helping me self-socialize. Hence my imitations, and selective concentration helped me to transition from a standard high school student into a complete...

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