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A Selfish And Lazy Society Essay

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If you have the choice between the easy and the hard route which will you take? What if the hard route will be better for your future or if the easy route causes future suffering? In society people normally do whatever is in their best interest or choose the easiest option instead of taking the harder route which might have better results. This is shown in The Scarlet Letter, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, with Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale and Roger Chillingworth.
Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale takes the easy way out and does not tell the community that he is the one that committed adultery with Hester Prynne, which led to more pain than he saved. Him and Hester Prynne committed adultery together and as a result of that, they have a daughter, Pearl. Hester is sentenced to the scarlet letter, which is an “A” upon her chest and public humiliation, but the identity of the husband is never discovered. Dimmesdale takes the easy way out and hides the secret. Because of this he is going through great suffering. "Mr. Dimmesdale, conscious that the poison of one morbin spot was infecting his heart's entire substance" (Hawthorne 128). This is the pain that Dimmesdale is experiencing because of the guilt he has. If Dimmesdale took the harder route, he would not have to dwell on this sin. Hawthorne also implemented some irony into this situation. "for thy [Hester’s] soul's peace, and that thy earthly punishment will thereby be made more effectual" (Hawthorne 63). Dimmesdale says this to Hester when he was asks her to confess who her lover was. The ironic part of this is that Dimmesdale does not have peace in his soul, it was hypocritical. Dimmesdale could have alleviated his anguish if he had taken the harder route in the beginning, and confessed his sin.
Roger Chillingworth does what is in his own best interest. He tortures...

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