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A Selfish Wish Essay

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Mindy Dang9/07English- Period 4A Selfish WishA gentle breeze swept by playfully, ruffling my dark gray pelt. I could just barely make out the silhouettes of my fellow pack members. My brother, Thor, was invisible in the black of the night. But right now, nothing mattered except for the adrenaline in the air. I could almost taste it. At last, Hawk, our leader, signaled the start of the hunt. All at once, everyone sang in a chorus of howls. I went along with them, howling as loud as I could to be heard. Then we were off.Hunts were always like this. At least, it used to be. Until that happened. What exactly was that you ask? It was before Thor took over the pack.That night, I trekked behind most of the pack members, tagging along, opening up to the many wondrous scents drifting in the air, mingling with the cold, frosty feel of snow. Lights danced in the sky, just like any other night. It had been an exorbitant amount of time since we had last eaten, so this would be an important hunt. We could all possibly starve this time if we failed.But after endless hours of trekking, the excitement wore off, and we had found nothing. Exhaustion was ripping apart my entire body and the cold snow had been biting at my toes. Giving it all up, I collapsed in the snow, completely drained. I lay there until the last, lowest-ranking wolf, the Omega, passed me. Thor had probably realized I had left his side, but he didn't come back for me as usual. This time, it was too urgent to turn back. Tired, I let myself get left behind. It didn't matter now, I needed rest. I closed my eyes without hesitation and fell asleep. For a moment, I didn't know where I was, but there was hope in me that I would be able to track the pack tomorrow morning and catch up. How could they go much farther like that, when I, the leader's headstrong daughter, was drained? Soon, the darkness enveloped me comfortingly, the cold was gone, and warmth was here."Freke…" a voice echoed softly, then louder, "Freke." Someone was calling my name."What..?" I muttered sleepily."Lost…" It answered."Huh? No, I'm not lost! I'll catch up with everyone in the morning!" I replied, panicking."Lost…" It echoed again, "Lost…" This…voice really made me feel uneasy. I shut it out and went back to sleep. I couldn't be lost, right? The pack couldn't have gone that far…When I woke up, it was bright. I couldn't remember exactly where I was when I had fallen asleep, but it was bright now. Oh, how long had I been asleep? I sniffed about to see if I could pick up any of my pack's scent. Nothing. My heart began to beat faster. No! I couldn't let myself panic like this! They're somewhere, I know it! I padded along, alone, until I came across a wolf who looked equally as shocked when he saw me."Hey stranger," he said cheerfully. This wolf…he reeked of the scent of an enemy pack. My neck furs bristled and I growled at him menacingly. He had soft blue eyes and a pale brown pelt with...

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