A Separate Peace Chapter By Chapter Summary Notes.

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Chapter 11) The advantages and disadvantages associated with having Gene narrate the story are as follows. The advantages are that we can see the gradual change throughout the book. Also it adds emotion and good mood. When we see the Devon school through his eyes and notice how everything is the same it gives us the feeling that we the reader have also been there. Some of the disadvantages are the fact that we can only see thought his point of view. In the very beginning since he was narrating you can also see some foreshadowing. You know what he is looking for and you can feel his sense of determination to find it.2) The book first starts off in 1958, 15 years after his time at the school. Once he gets to the tree the time line shifts 15 years back in time and into a narrative perspective. The he remains at the school for 2 years. When he reaches the tree it is almost as if in a flash back. It remains in a flash back mode for the rest of the novel.3) Devon school is described so well because it is the main center of the events of the entire novel. Also it is where the main character Gene thinks and knows was a life changing experience and frame of time in his life. I think he has held the thought of the school of being the best place in great his entire life.4) The epiphany that occurs to Gene is how fearful he was back then. He feels the fear echo back at him, he also feels the joy that he had at Devon school. He uses a simile about northern lights.5) In the first chapter we see two examples of wartime imagery. The trees like a peace of artillery and the jump from the tree as "Jumping from a torpedoed battle ship." Jumping from the ship quote was from a part of the book set in 1943. It is from people who have never seen war. The piece of artillery could resemble the danger of going back and remembering all his school memories. Jumping from the battle ship could resemble and foreshadow the actions of the future.Chapter 26) Gene grows anger with the fact that finny can always talk his way out of anything. After Finny talks his way out of wearing an school tie as an belt he becomes enraged but does not say or do anything about it. Finny can control Gene with his talking. Often he gets Gene to cut class with him. Gene starts to dislike Finny's control over him but does nothing about it.7) The war seems unreal to the boys because all they see or hear about it is filtered with the news. They never really grasp the concept of it until the end of the novel. The effects of having your friends die had not happened and they have not thought that it might happen to them. Finny never is effected by the war and only mentions it when he wants to get out of some punishment.Chapter 38) The significance of Blizball to Gene and Finny its named after blitzkrieg because they tried to Make it about the war. Finny makes up the rules as they are running and this is very confusing. They enjoy this game and Leper does not want to play they game. Finny is able to talk...

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