"A Seperate Peace" ~ Theme, Characters, Cause/Effect, Figurative Language. A Basic Novel Analysis.

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ThemeThe theme in A Separate Peace is that people create enemies in their mind for themselves to destroy, but once the enemy is lost so is the victor. While World War II lingers on in the background of most of the students minds, the war in Gene's life is within himself. In Knowles perspective, through the character of Gene, everyone goes through a war in his life and there is always an enemy to be defeated. Gene is in a constant war with his "best friend," Finny, over who can be better, except that Finny doesn't even know he is part of the battle until it takes his life. Finny, being the essence of innocence, believes that no one could possibly be his enemy because he has done nothing wrong. However how could Finny have lived in such a world where his innately pure spirit puts him above a war soaked world?Gene's internal war is similar to Neil's war in the movie Dead Poets Society. Neil's decisions of what he wants to do with his life conflict with the ideas and plans that his father has for him. However this conflict is displayed aloud and both parties know that they are part of the conflict. In the end, instead of silencing the enemy, Neil decides to end the war by destroying himself. Similar to the alternative in A Separate Peace where Gene defeats his enemy, Neil's father lost his 'enemy' and still lost the war.ConflictThe conflicts in A Separate Peace are major. The major conflict entails the problem of Finney falling from the tree and breaking his leg bones. He falls from the tree at the Super Suicide Meeting, during a nightly river jump, onto the riverbank. Although he is expected to make a good recovery, this super athlete will not be able to play sports again. Later when Finney is able to have visitors, his beat friend Gene visits. Gene was in the tree with Finney, so he forces upon Finney that he had pushed him and made him fall. Finney tells Gene to leave, and then Gene feels like he needs to take back what he said because it shouldn't have been said. However he really does believe that he did push Finney.A seemingly equal conflict is a rivalry between Finney and Gene. Gene thinks that because he is the top student at the school, and Finney is the best athlete, that they are even in where their talents will take them to college and beyond. However he realizes that he is great at academics and good at sports, but Finney is great at sports, but terrible at school, so they are not really even. When he asks Finney what he would feel if he became Valedictorian. Finney said very seriously that he would die if Gene did that.Since their conflicts are voiced to each other their conflicts are external. This conflict affects the story because Gene has to overcome pressure by Finney and stay great in his academics.CharacterAt one point described above, when Gene and Finney talk about their talents, they interact in an uneasy, but calm conflicting way. The motivation for Gene to speak to Finney about the subject is to quell any animosity or envy...

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705 words - 3 pages A Separate PeaceThemes in a novel are the main points that an author is trying to grab, to have the reader make their own assumptions up about the characters. Many themes in the novel A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, are obvious; the characters will usually express these through their actions. On the other hand other themes will be very faint; usually the reader does not catch these, but will make a theory on what the theme could be. Though

A seperate peace Essay

922 words - 4 pages In John Knowles novel A Separate Peace the quote "Everything has to evolve or else it perishes" (125), serves as a realization that instead of dwelling in the past, everything needs to move forward or else it will be left behind to be forgotten. This quote refers to the boys. Throughout the book they have to be able to deal with all that is thrown at them including all of the changes that are occurring during the war. Each boy has evolved in

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264 words - 2 pages A Separate Peace, by John Knowles, is about a psychological insight of a maturing sixteen year old student at a preparatory school during WWII. Looking back at Knowles's youth, he lived a very similar lifestyle to that of the characters in his novel. Based on his experiences, he created an identical and notorious story that reflected his life.Throughout the book, Knowles refers to the landscaping and smells of Devon in a comparable way to that

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828 words - 4 pages A Separate Peace sustains several different conflicts throughout the novel, both internally and externally. The emotions are constantly on a rollercoaster ride, going from happy, sad, then to resentment. Gene and Finny both have conflicting emotions about each other, resulting in diverse thoughts on one another, and issues within the friendship. The internal and external conflict by Gene and Finny are created through jealousy, insecurity, and

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1177 words - 5 pages ''The more things change, the more they remain the same.''(904) There are many themes presented in the book A Separate Peace, But I think the most meaningful and bold theme in the book is the theme of transformation. The most obvious transformations were that of the main characters, Gene and Finny. Some other characters besides Gene and Finny also had transformations. For most people, transformations occur over a matter of years, or even decades

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1020 words - 4 pages in its cast was like a sea anchor dragged behind." you can easily picture Phineas trying to drag his leg across the ice.A Separate Peace had many characters. Most of which were young boys that attended Devon. The two main characters however, were Gene and Phineas. Gene and Phineas were roommates at Devon, and the best of friends. Gene was a lonely, introverted intellectual, who would often sacrifice his thoughts to follow Phineas'. Phineas was

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578 words - 2 pages In life people are often faced with circumstances. These circumstances can either help the person grow, or it may give the person sorrow and pain. John Knowles in A Separate Peace places his characters in situations, which they could either grow from or could suffer. As humans we wish that everyone will change for the good, unfortunately that doesn't always happen. We can see this through the two protagonists in A Separate peace; Gene and

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654 words - 3 pages A Separate Peace (rewrite) Relationships are a large part of growing up. Relationships are changing all the time between people. Sometimes the relationships are good, and other times people are not that lucky. In the book Separate Peace the main character, Gene, faces three relationships that change in different ways. His relationship with his friends seems positive at the beginning of the book and he has negative relationships with three

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579 words - 2 pages A separate peace "A separate peace" takes place in Devon School, a prep school in New Hampshire. Gene Forrester, the narrator, returns to look at the school grounds fifteen years after he was a student there. Since his last year as a student in 1943, the present Devon of 1958 seems foreign to him. In this book the author has mentioned water many times throughout the book. He talks about two different rivers near Devon High School where the story

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887 words - 4 pages A Separate Peace Essay In the novel, A Separate Peace by John Knowles, the protagonist, Gene Forrester “battled” within himself to find “a separate peace” and in this process directed his emotions at Phineas, his roommate. Forrester and Phineas formed the illusion of a great companionship, but there was a “silent rivalry” between them in Forrester’s mind. Self deceptions in Forrester led him to believe that Phineas was “out to get him

A seperate Peace: Leper

721 words - 3 pages Leper      In the book “A Separate Peace” there are many characters which are talked about and play a role in the story. The main characters Gene and Finny, short for Phineas, are what drive the whole story and are the center of the many themes and meanings derived from this book. Elwin Lepellier also known as Leper-Lepellier is not as visible as Gene and Finny, but plays a role that is essential to the story. &nbsp

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