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A Serious Moral/Ethical Issue Essay

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Ethics is the science that seeks to know, to understand, and be wise about the various criteria or standards in light of which we make decisions about the rightness or wrongness about various actions and hopefully we act according to various decisions. Morality is the very specific application of the theories in ethics and is generally more specific. Abortion is a moral and ethical issue that has been discussed and debated for a myriad of years. Various people are against the idea of abortion which is categorized as "Pro-life" while others are more for the discretion being left up to the woman carrying the child and the family involved. This is categorized as "Pro-choice". Ethics and morality are separated into two main sectors . The first being the non consequential past oriented criteria and the second being the consequential future oriented criteria. Including the non consequential past oriented criteria is the authoritarian perspective, categorical imperative, the social contract theory, natural law theory, virtue ethics, and prima facie duties. These six ethics are referred to as the deontological theories. The authoritarian perspective has no specific philosopher that created it however it includes family members, teachers, friends, Religious figures and symbols, politicians and various other people. According to this perspective abortion altogether would be degrading and disapproving especially to the aspect of religion because one would be taking the life of another living creature and in most cases it would be compared to murder. The next criteria was created by Emanuel Cont. His theory has plenty to do with absoluteness. His first categorical imperative can be defined as universalization where he says if one has to make an ethical or moral decision, see if your values can be universalized by those you value. He also says to keep in mind there is an absolute command. If everyone acts as you do would they be better people? Also ask yourself, would the world be a better place? The next categorical imperative states that whenever you have to make an ethical or moral decision, remember to never use another human being merely as a means to the end. He categorizes the means to the end as the “Kingdom of Ends”. The first part of the categorical imperative might disagree also with the idea of abortion because its an action that one usually does not feel proud of. If you do not feel that your decision to have an abortion is something you would want to tell your loved ones or even advise them to do, the first criteria of the categorical imperative would disagree with having an abortion. However, If you know you are not able to properly care for your unborn and are only keeping your unborn child as a means of acceptance or the fear of being shamed then the second categorical imperative might advise for you not to keep it because it is not fair for the baby to only be there for your own sake or a means to an end. The third criteria is the Social...

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