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A Servant Leader Is Not A Real Leader

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Can you tell the difference between a tyrant and a hero? How do we determine who was a dictator and who was a victor? Can you imagine a despot being known as a powerful leader and a wise king being known as an atrocious ruler? Curiosity always changes the world, the history. How about Steve Jobs? Did he represent the qualities of an effectual and powerful boss or the qualities of a greedy and tyrannical leader? In my opinion, he was a great boss because he was creative in his field, could see the future, and had incredible leadership.
It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that Steve Jobs could see the future. He was “confident enough to take risky leaps.” In The Steve Jobs Way it states, “ ...view middle of the document...

” The statement describes how he developed the technology. The well-known phone, iPhone turned the corner with Jobs. “The calls dropped, applications didn’t work, and battery wouldn’t fully charge.” Jobs, however, didn’t give up, but searched for ideal companies to full-fill the weaknesses. One was the Gorilla Glass from Corning Incorporated. Finally, he would prove his success wasn’t his luck.
A leadership is one of traits, a great man has. Being even a leader of four people is hard to handle. Steve Jobs, though, was a great boss. “HE always challenged teams … A few strong people thrived … rising to become top performers …” mentioned The Steve Jobs Way. With his leadership, he had motivated his coworkers. Tim Cook would explain, “He leaves us with each other because without him, Apple would have died in the late ’90s and the vast majority of us would have never met.” Jobs was supporting the company more than anyone thought. He was the one who cofounded Apple and saved it from going bankrupt. He had worked for Apple with a payment of one dollar per year. To be a leader, a spirit of sacrifice is significant.
As opposed to my opinion, some people believe that Jobs was a cruel tyrant. He was extremely immature. He didn’t have responsibilities and did not care about others. In Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different, it states,...

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