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All families are essentially the same, because they all experience important events such as death and disagreement. Every family has different ideologies and cultural backgrounds, but they all function the same way. Family members fight and argue, but that is what made them family. No family is perfect, but everyone is still forced to put up with each other. Families experience the same events no matter where they are.
Every family, at one point or another, experiences a death that greatly affected the welfare of the family members. Cory accepts Raynell at Troy’s funeral “You go on in the house and change them shoes…so we can go to Papa’s funeral” (245). Troy causes his family to fall apart ...view middle of the document...

Helen’s death tears Charlie’s family apart. One mistake in anger forces Honoria to be raises away from her father. Charlie isolates himself away from everyone he loves with Helen’s death. All families experience deaths, but it changes some families for the better while others for the worst.
Another common trait that all families share is that there is always at least one disagreement which strained the relationship between family members. Troy absolutely refuses to let Cory plays football, “I thought we had an understanding about this football stuff” (213). Cory’s relationship with Troy has always turn sour when the subject of Cory’s playing football comes up. This argument between father and son has created a tear in their relationship. Cory comes to hate his father because of his rigid desire for Cory to find work as soon as possible. Gabriel is deeply affected by Gretta’s memory of Michael, “Generous tears filled Gabriel’s eyes” (190). Gabriel has always been over confident about his wife loyalty to him. Through this, Gretta realizes her yearning for another man; she now realizes her unhappiness with Gabriel. On the other hand, Gabriel’s confidence is shattered along with their relationship when he realizes that he has been...

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