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A Shared Reading Essay

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The lesson is based on a birthday theme. New vocabulary is introduced to increase students' vocabulary concerning birthdays such as nouns (games, presents, toys) and adjectives relevant to the story (pretty, rotten, best, worst, smelly, and broken). Two oral activities are performed to increase students' fluency in English: a) the "Birthday Song" is sung in English as well as Oscar's "Rotten Birthday Song"; b) the students read words or sentences from slips of paper as they hang them on the story map. In retelling the story as a class activity, the story map activity enhances their understanding of critical elements of the story (main characters, problem, and solution) and their perception of consequences of actions. As a final activity, the students apply their imagination and use a new word from the reading and/or story map.
Cut outs of target words (pictures with text), cut outs of main characters, slips of paper with words or sentences for story map, magnets to attach slips of paper on board, party hats and worksheets to draw on.
1) Prepare cut outs of various target words with illustrations and of main characters.
2) Prepare slips of papers with words or sentences for the story map. Magnets for board.
3) Have party hats ready for reading lesson.
4) Prepare worksheets for students (one copy per student) to draw their presents for Oscar.
5) A banner ready for the wall reading "Oscar's Rotten Birthday Presents"
6) Have drawing and coloring utensils ready for activity.
Before the story (10 minutes)
In a reading corner, students are seated accordingly in a circle. They are introduced to the lesson's theme- a birthday - and participate in adding key words to the theme (Happy Birthday, party, games, songs, toys, flowers). Pre-prepared cut outs of target words with illustrations are displayed one by one to deepen their understanding of the story. Moreover, relevant words contributed by the students are written on the whiteboard. To get students into the birthday party mood, the students put on their party hats and the teacher asks who knows the song Happy Birthday and it is sung by students and teacher.
The book, Oscar's Rotten Birthday, is introduced to the students. Main characters are introduced with illustrations of them. By evaluating the title and cover picture, their prediction of...

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