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Nanako was originally born in another country to a very loving mother and father; however her mother had died when was around a year old due to illness leaving her father to rise her. Nanako's father was a very doting and loving father to her who would often talk and brag about her to others; though he never told her about his work and would just say it would be something he would tell when she was older. However one day when Nanako was only around 10 years of age, she had followed her father due her curiosity taking over and wondering why her father was almost never home like he used to be. She had approach a rather large building with what seemed like very strict security and saw that her ...view middle of the document...

One of the test subjects broke out one of the tubes and lost control due to it's natural magic ability going out of control, and a started to attack everyone in the room, but soon saw Nanako and attempted to attack her as well, it was also when Nanako's father who was already injured noticed his daughter standing at that door frozen in fear.

It then that Nanako senses came back to her when she felt her father put his arms around her to protect her saying "Everything is okay, and I won't let that thing hurt you". However because that her father was further injured more due to him protecting and shielding her. That had proven to be the point that Nanako's magic had accidentally been triggered due to what was happening and the fact her father was hurt. It had caused an explosion that had killed the creature and has set the building on fire.

After several hours, the building's flame were extinguish, and the rescue effort was put into place to save those who were still alive. A friend of Nanako's father, whose name was Vilis was part of that group, and he had found her and father face down on the floor near the room where everything had happened. Her father was already almost half dead, but...

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