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A Short But Well Detailed Paper On Martin Luther King Junior!!!

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Ք¤Martin Luther King Junior¤ՔDr King Was born in the afternoon of January 15th, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia 501 Auburn Avenue, N.E. He was very active in the fight against discrimination of colored people. Martin Luther King, Jr. began his education at the Yonge Street Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia. Following Yonge School, he was enrolled in David T. Howard Elementary School. He also attended the Atlanta University Laboratory School and Booker T. Washington High School. Because of his high score on the college entrance examinations in his junior year of high school, he advanced to Morehouse College without formal graduation from Booker T. Washington. Having skipped both the ninth and twelfth grades, Dr. King entered Morehouse at the age of fifteen. In 1948, he graduated from Morehouse College with a B.A. degree in Sociology. That fall, he enrolled in Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania. While attending Crozer, he also studied at the University of Pennsylvania. In September of 1951, Martin Luther King began doctoral studies in Systematic Theology at Boston University. He also studied at Harvard University. His dissertation, "A Comparison of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Wieman," was completed in 1955, and the Ph.D. degree from Boston, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Systematic Theology, was awarded on June 5, 1955.Dr. King received several hundred awards for his leadership in the Civil Rights Movement. One of them included "Man Of The Year" by Time in 1963. He was also awarded The Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. At age 35, Dr. King was the youngest man, the second American, and the third black man awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Martin Luther King Junior also published three...

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1211 words - 5 pages speech, the techniques used in his speech and how it affected the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s and 60’s. In this task I was forced to think about analytically about Language and Power. 50 Going Strong Martin Luther King? A man admired and idealized for his public speaking but most of all for his courage and his noble qualities. A hero. Born in 1929 on April 4th Martin Luther King was brought up by a religious family of pastors in

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920 words - 4 pages produced a strong effect on public opinion. Martin Luther King Jr. met with increasing criticism and challenges in the public from young black-power leaders. His non-violent approach as well as his appeal to white middle-class citizens alienated multiple African American militants that suggested that King's methods were weak and to late. Some began to believe King's manner was irresponsibly passive and deemed non-effective. But even though they pointed

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976 words - 4 pages Martin Luther King Jr is a well-known, inspiring man, to all cultures of the world. King was and still is one of the most influential heroes. King's views and beliefs helped African Americans through the 50's and 60's gain the rights that were their birth right. King faced many obstacles on his quest such as jail and even assassination attempts. Regardless of these obstacles, he became a successful leader during the Civil Rights Movement, and

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602 words - 2 pages Martin Luther King Jr. On the first day of school, sophomore year, my history teacher presented me with the question of "Who is your hero?" I didn’t have a hero, and until then I hadn’t thought about the subject. Later in the year, my eyes caught a quotation from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the bulletin board which stated somewhat to this effect, "Do not merely be a thermometer that records the ideas and principles of popular opinion; but

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1132 words - 5 pages, He concluded the speech with “Well, I don't know what will happen now; we've got some difficult days ahead. But it really doesn't matter with me now, because I've been to the mountaintop. And I don't mind. Like anybody, I would like to live a long life - longevity has its place…But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people will get to the Promised Land”. Martin Luther King went through a numeral amount of events in his

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1232 words - 5 pages shooting, bombing, and stabbing. Martin Luther King’s home was also bombed many times. He was threatened by phone calls and letters and also, he was even stabbed. Yet, whenever he faced those difficulties, his confidence grew and protested louder than ever. Martin Luther King got a phone call one night. Although he got plenty of hatred and violence, this phone call was somewhat different from the others and came to a limit of his strength. However

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1659 words - 7 pages Martin Luther King Jr. "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." (S. King 17) These are the words made famous by a man who was one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time. Michael Luther King Jr. was born in the city of Atlanta, Georgia on January 15th, 1929. The second child of Michael Luther King Sr. and Alberta

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1169 words - 5 pages Martin Luther King endured endless days and nights of undeserved pain and hardships. He was always fighting for African American rights. Threats after threat he never gave up on his dream. Were you aware that he almost didn’t give his “I have a dream” speech? He asked one of his aids for advice about the speech and they replied not to use the phrase “I have a dream” he said it was too cliché. Or did you know he has had his house was bombed by

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1076 words - 4 pages you are white, if you are Asian, if you are Hispanic, or if you are a mixture of any race, through King's words you could imagine yourself in any of the situations he describes. With the ability to touch the reader on not only a personal level, but also an intimate one Martin Luther King Jr. began to bridge the gap between the races.The events that arose in Birmingham during the civil rights movement are terribly unsettling as to how someone

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1141 words - 5 pages After Being Dragged out of their homeland, brought to an unknown country, and forced to be slaves, African-Americans saw a road trip to equality through the eyes of Martin Luther King, Jr. Even after being emancipated from slaves to citizens, African-Americans were not ready to wage the battle against segregation alone. The weight which African Americans carried on their back, was lightened when they began to see what Martin Luther King, Jr

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1027 words - 4 pages Martin Luther King was born on 15th January 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia, a city in the south of the US. He was named after his father and the family (parents, grandmother and brother and sister) called him ML for short - a nickname that stuck with him all through his childhood.Growing up with racism.Every day, little things made it clear to him that to be black was to be a permanent second-class citizen. For instance, when he was only a little boy

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754 words - 4 pages “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Martin Luther King Junior once said. “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” he said. Dr.King had a dream that one day he would “look to a day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” A point that has been disputed about the Civil Rights is using the

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2280 words - 9 pages , King was assassinated as he stood on a balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. A white segregationist, James Earl Ray, is later convicted of the crime. The Poor People's Campaign continued for a few months but did not achieve its objectives. King became an increasingly revered figure after his death, however, and many of his critics ultimately acknowledged his considerable accomplishments. In 1969 his widow, Coretta Scott King, established the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center for Nonviolent Social Change, in Atlanta, to carry on his work. In 1986, a national holiday was established to honor his birth.

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1810 words - 8 pages $10 and assessed $4 court fee. On the night that Rosa Parks was arrested, E.D. Nixon, head of the local NAACP chapter met with Martin Luther King Jr. and other local civil rights leaders to plan a city wide bus boycott. King elected to lead the bus boycott because he was young, well-trained with outstanding leadership qualities. He had a good reliable family connections and was professional. This went on for 382 days of non-stop violence

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1152 words - 5 pages system.” Later, Martin Luther King Junior decided to work for his PhD at Boston University and it was here where he met his wife, Coretta Scott. Coretta was a young singer and a very beautiful girl. The two of them got married in front of a church by Coretta’s home and were married by Martin Luther King’s father. Martin Luther King Junior went on later after his marriage to get his parish involved and help them to join the National Association for