A Short Drive After School. Apparently There Is A Few Gramaticall Errors In This. At Least According To Her Notes

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It was a warm sunny afternoon, near the end of my sophomore year in high school. I had just recently obtained my first car. Of course, it wasn't exactly the nicest car I'd seen. The passenger door didn't open; water would get stuck in the doors if it rained; the air conditioner smoked if I turned it on; the hood had to be opened with a wire; it had spiders and other various creatures hiding inside of it; and it had a tendency to stall in front of traffic. Other than these small tribulations the car was in great condition .School had let out early that day, and there wasn't much to do. So we had to make our own form of entertainment; which always seems to lead me to precarious situations.Standing in the corridor after classes were over I asked Michael, "Do you want to go do something?" Looking for amusement as well, he said, "Yeah, but what is there to do?" As with anything when your sixteen if you have a car there is something interesting to do. So I told him, "Lets go ride in my car and see what happens." Consequently we walked outside to the parking lot and got inside of my 1989 Buick Century. Then we progressed down the road with no real purpose until we realized today was the day that the garbage man comes to relieve people of their trash, and their trashcans would be sitting near the curb. So Michael said, "Why don't you hit one?" Being the considerate person I am I said, "Sure." I then gazed down the road searching for my first victim. I then proceeded to drive my car into the near by trash can. With the basic idea of indulgence in mind, I thought, there can't be too much of anything. I then continued on with my quest for dominance amongst the society of garbage. Suddenly Michael sees a back road for an oil company and said, "Lets see what's down there."I make a right and carry on down the narrow road. Looking ahead I can see that there is a rather large hill ahead. Curiously I thought to myself, "I wonder if I get enough speed if I can get air born?" Prodigiously, I pressed the pedal to the floor and by the time I got to the hill my speed was seventy or eighty miles per hour. Although most cars don't usually get air born, especially Buicks, this one did. When we...

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This is a short essay discussing the concept of zero tolerance in High school

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1600 words - 6 pages Most classic studies in social and developmental psychology were conducted at least 30 years ago. Why are there so few modern classics? In this essay, I will be explaining why are there so few modern classics. So what is classic? A classic is when the study has achieved a great impact on its field and in this case Psychology, examples such as the Asch conformity experiments, the Milgram experiment, the Stanford prison experiment, Bobo doll, and

Hero-Written After 9/11. Very Good Paper, Will Get You At Least A High "B"

786 words - 4 pages take part in any way possible. Not only did the firefighters define a hero, but also so did the hundreds of Police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. Nothing can be done to prepare a country for the tragic incident in down town Manhattan. The weird thing is it was so unexpected, but yet such a simple plan. All this time Police and airport security are looking for people trying to board plans with bombs. America never expected

This is a short essay required for a Cause and Effect paper for Comp 100. It is about working hard at something (in this case, a sport)to fufill your dreams

610 words - 2 pages they knew that their was nothing that could be done about my height.After practicing for months, the new school year came and try-outs came. I knew I was ready this time. As soon as it was my turn, I took over the court and played like a true professional. I was scoring high and making every shot, just like my friends. The coach told us that their would be a few cuts and she would post the list in the morning. After a nervous sleep, I came to school

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3115 words - 12 pages differently.Mistress Hibbins, Governor Bellingham’s bitter-tempered sister also commits, by Puritan standards, a grave crime. She is identified as a witch and a few years after this story takes place, is executed. Nowadays, no one sane believes in witches so her punishment is not considered just. In the olden days, one would not even have to do anything wrong to be named a witch. One was accused of being a witch if one practiced strange

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687 words - 3 pages A good man/woman does not need to be perfect to leave his/ her mark on society. Discuss in relation to at least two characters in The Crucible by Arthur Miller.One of the main issues Miller introduces in The Crucible is that a man or woman does not have to be perfect to be recognized and leave their mark on society. In his play, Miller contrasts both negative and positive effects certain people have on their society. To display these things in

“Abortion is impermissible, because it deprives a being of a future like ours. Accordingly, it is morally similar to killing a healthy adult.” Critically discuss this argument, drawing upon at least...

1158 words - 5 pages Philosophy essayTopic: "Abortion is impermissible, because it deprives a being of a future like ours. Accordingly, it is morally similar to killing a healthy adult." Critically discuss this argument, drawing upon at least one of the authors we have looked at in the readings.Abortion remains one of the most controversial moral issues. Aside rare exceptions, the perception that abortion is seriously immoral has received little support in

Media and Date Rape With the rise of feminism in the last few decades, there has been a newfound sexual freedom among both men and women. However, this freedom is costly, causing daterape

991 words - 4 pages Date Rape and the Media by Jennifer GreenWith the rise of feminism in the last few decades, there has been a newfound sexual freedom among both men and women. However, this freedom is costly, forcing those involved in any sexual relationship to have definite boundaries. On occasion, misread signals between two people can result in a situation known as date rape. Date rape, also referred to as acquaintance rape, can be defined as a situation

"In Loving Memory" I wrote this essay not long after my step dad hit a semi head on and was paralyzed. He died a few months after I wrote this

1082 words - 4 pages of all of the pain she was experiencing. Every day I would come to visit her after work. Friends and family came from all around to visit her. Mary would move her fingers a little bit and open her eyes up and look around the room for only about 10 minutes at a time when people visited her. After a few days, her ICU room was filled with get well cards and balloons.After the week was over, she never seemed to improve much, this worried me. The

this is a essay that i wrote in my Enf 2 class at school in chesapekae va - ENF 2 - Essay

526 words - 3 pages useful for certain purposes, like connecting with family, friends, co-workers, associates, and many more. The internet allows you to follow up on friends. For example, if Sally was sick in the hospital, then you can send an online message asking her how she is doing. Users can also connect with co-workers about doing a project you are going to be working on. Second, the internet can also be used to look up information, transfer files, or stay up to

Life After Rape, this story is about a young girl who was raped at a baseball game

1980 words - 8 pages . He knew not to touch her for it would make things worse, so he told her softly, "I will get help."Almost twenty minutes later, the siren sounds. Everyone is wondering as they lifted her off the ground. The paramedics placed her in the stretcher; they saw the bruises and the marks of detriment. "Lift her up easy boys, this ones harmed." A few weeks in the hospital, recovering from the pain, but emotional hurt like this just doesn't wash away

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