A Brief History Of My Mac Book Pro

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At the moment I am typing this, I am looking at a flashing cursor and words begging to appear on the screen of my MacBook Pro. Thoughts are filtering through my mind on what I want to say, these are put into action by my nerves sending messages to my fingers on where to move, and then my brain is constantly thinking on what letter I want and moving my fingers and where they alight they are interpreted by my brain that I typed the correct letter by position. This is then all brought back to my mind by the visual response I see on the screen, my mind interprets the shapes I am seeing as world. Then it goes back to my brain and is stored there letting me know that the task has been accomplished. This analogy can be viewed the same for a computer each little part makes up the whole and all the inter workings bring you back to the main area that is processing all the information. These inter workings of small parts all working together to create one thing create a perfect example of globalization. By studying the historical geography of Apple as a company and the processes in which my MacBook Pro is assembled from various parts, it can be concluded that Apple is inherently a company of globalization, and continues to be to this day.
To create a simple comparison, one can view a computer in the same why the human body is interconnected with it’s self along with the outside world. Each part of a computer comes together to make the final product possible. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) sends out signals to the components necessary to compute this, like the brain telling the nerves what to do. Next the CPU finds some Random Access Memory (RAM) to store all the information required to complete the task. This information is computed, and then is taken from the RAM and send back to the CPU. The CPU decides what needs to be done next. For the example of typing this paper, the CPU takes the information from the RAM and sends it to the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The GPU takes this information and interprets it and renders it for output on a display. Finally any information that needs to be perfectly saved is done so on the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). The HDD is where memory is able to be physically saved, so in this analogy it would be this my ideas created. All of these components and every other component that makes a computer work are all placed on a Logic Board. This is an Apple Specific term for what the rest of the industry calls the motherboard.1 The Mother Board, as the rest of the industry calls it, according to PC Magazine “is the primary printed circuit board in a computer or other electronic device. In a modern desktop computer, the motherboard contains the CPU and memory sockets as well as the chipset, which houses the control circuits for all the peripheral devices.” 2 All the components I stated before are all made to work together from the logic board. The mother board, or logic board as I will refer to it to stay with the theme of my...

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