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A Short Review Of The Great Gatsby

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The book starts off with a young man named Nick Carraway. Nick decided to move from Minnesota to New York in 1922 to learn more about the bonds business. He rents a rather small house in West Egg, which is a district of Long Island. West Egg is where all of what they call the “New Rich” live, in their gigantic homes, wearing overpriced clothes and accessories, and driving expensive automobiles. Nick receives word of his next door neighbor the mysterious man named Jay Gatsby. Gatsby throws these huge, extravagant, and ridiculous parties every Saturday night.
Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan lives across the bay in East Egg, which is where most of the people with old money live. One night ...view middle of the document...

The following day, as previously planned, Tom showed up in West Egg in his automobile to pick up Nick to go to town. Myrtle met them at the apartment where they drank too much and got too loud and partied the rest of the evening. Nick awoke the next day on his front porch swing having no idea how he had ended up there.
As summer continues on, one of Gatsby’s servant brings Nick and invitation to one of his parties the following Saturday. Nick accepts and attends the party. He realizes that no one else that was attending had invitations they just simply showed up partied until the weekend was over, went home, and then came back to do it the next weekend. While mingling he finds Jordan and they dance and drink until they meet Gatsby. He is described as a beautiful young man with a dazzling smile and a favorite catch phrase “old sport”. He asks Nick if he could speak to Miss Jordan alone and before he could say anything Jordan leaves with him. Nick being curious waits around for Jordan, knowing she has a big, gossip loving mouth, to find out what Gatsby wanted. She tells Nick that Gatsby knew Daisy when they lived in Louisville and he was madly in love with her. He admitted that he would stare at the green light at the end of Daisy and Toms dock across the bay every night. He also said that all of the huge, extravagant, expensive parties were just a way of trying to impress Daisy. And that he would like Nick to set up a meeting with Daisy and him at Nick’s house. Nick called up Daisy the next day and invited her over for tea, not telling her what was really going to happen. Daisy showed up right as the rain started to pour. Daisy and Gatsby’s meeting was, at first, awkward, but as they got comfortable they began to rekindle their love, this started their affair. As the affair went on Tom became suspicious of where Gatsby’s money came from. Using his connections he had a few people look into Gatsby’s affairs. When Tom had the information he needed he invited Nick, Jordan, and Gatsby all over for lunch. While at lunch Tom could see the love Gatsby had...

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