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Nick Spong 2nd NovemberEnglish Coursework - Short Suspense StoryThe sun rose over the little market town of Glandhill. It was a beautiful autumn morning sunrise, about 6:30 with no one yet in the centre of town. Only the farm workers in the distance were up, herding the cows in from the fields for the first of their two milking sessions that day. Within the town centre street lights were still on and the roads were clear. Birds began to sing to announce the new morning, first one or two but then more. The sky was the colour of powder blue - no clouds had yet arrived and the only white wisps in the sky were those of the passenger aircraft so high above the little town. The townsfolk slept on, still dreaming of their greatest adventures. Awakening and stretching they announced themselves to the street by turning on first floor bedroom lights which would soon be followed by the gentle screech of boiling kettles and the pop and crack of toasters. Nothing in the scene could possibly suggest the panic and fear that was about to hit the town.Funny how everything seems louder in the silence of the morning, thought Miss Fuller, as she walked to the Windsor Hotel to open up. She was a desk attendant for the famous hotel and always walked to work even though she could have easily driven, but she loved the morning. She loved the crisp, clean air, the sunrise with its beautiful blues and greens, the birds singing but most of all she loved to kick the leaves. She knew that it was stupid and that she should have grown out of it years ago but 36 year old Miss Fuller loved it.She was just walking down the slightly inclined hill to work when something caught her eye, she wasn't sure what it was so she looked down at it to take a closer look. She stopped, rigid but she was already overbalanced enough that her foot came down in the middle of the congealing puddle of red on the floor. Small red droplets sprayed up around her and a few went onto her red uniform then seeped in becoming unnoticable. But Miss Fuller's attention wasn't on that anymore. Something that she could not control instinctively made her heartbeat race. She was panicking. It was the rain, or at least, the cold droplets that were falling on her head. But there was no rain anywhere else. She slowly brought her shaking hands to her head and looked at them. Blood. Then she heard something from above. A creaking sound, very faint but definitely there. Terrified, she looked up and saw a man swinging from the lamp post on a short thick rope. She let out the loudest scream in her life, releasing all the air in her lungs, in the shock she forgot to breathe back in again and fell to a heap on the floor.Ten minutes later D.S Anderson arrived at the scene. The big musclar man looked like he had got out of bed only ten minutes ago, his hair all ruffled and he clearly hadn't shaved. A policeman for almost twelve years now, he was hardened to almost anything that was thrown his way and he always got to the bottom...

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