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A Short Yet Long Journey To Mount Bromo

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This journey began when I was in high school. A short journey but it was excited. My friends and I had a small plan for our holiday. We wished it could cure our boredom and pain of dealing with math, physic, or biology during the whole semester. Not to mention tons of task and deadly exams we have been through. However that’s all left behind for a while. No x, y, z formulas or anything about digestion and respiration system. It’s only us, some teens hunger for a little freedom. We decided to spend a day visiting our city’s asset, Mount. Bromo.
As our promised, we settled to meet in bus station. Thus, we went by a van called “Bison“. This van was not a kind of transportation provided by a ...view middle of the document...

Thus the bison continued to go.
The road wasn’t easy to pass. There were many blind turnings and some rocky roads. A side of the road was hill and the other side was cliff. The driver wasn’t disturbed by this condition. He drove cool and enjoyed every minute as he took his car into his circuit. But it didn’t apply to my friend, Gandi. I saw his face turning pale. He held his stomach tightly. Some minutes later he grabbed a plastic bag and started to throw up. I was afraid he couldn’t stand this journey, but he insisted he would be fine. Then he managed to sleep so he couldn’t feel dizzy anymore.
The road began to foggy. Some meters from our bison, I saw a silhouette of a person. There was a man waving his hand to our bison. It’s obviously another passenger. I smiled and said to myself “sorry man, we’re already out of number”. Surprisingly, the driver stopped his car and said to the man “Okay, let’s go”. I couldn’t believe my self. There’s no way he could carry another passenger. “A bad omen “I thought myself. The man walked into our bison and without the driver told him what to do, he seemed know where his seat would be. He got his legs in the car while holding his hands above the car and tried to climb to get to above the car. The man sat above the car together with some baskets of vegetables. I guessed both the driver and the passenger had lost their mind. Passionately, the driver started to move his bison and said with a big smile on his face “Ok everyone, hold on tight, we’re ready to go”.
On the way, I kept thinking about this situation. I imagined we were doing an attraction of acrobat by taking people into a car as much as possible. The condition inside the bison was getting worse. I couldn’t move my body since there’s no free space. The air inside the car was really bad. The smell of sweat mix with fresh vegetables and smokes of cigarette spread inside the car. I looked at the driver’s face and he looked very satisfied. He carried many passengers and it meant more money for him. Maybe he was kind of person who thought money always comes first. So his principle would be there’s no way there’s no way if it comes to money. I wondered how long I should endure this. “Ok Mount Bromo, just wait there and let’s see if you had something for us to make it paid off”.
The fog began to fade away. I noticed we almost arrived. I could see a sign board written “Welcome to Mount Bromo”. I said to my friend about the ticket to Mount Bromo. We were worried it would take a lot of money to get the ticket. The driver heard our conversation and suddenly right before the ticket booth, he turned a right taking the bison far away from the ticket booth. “What happen?” I asked him. He smirked and said “Looks like you kids having problem with money. It’s okay, I have a good idea and I guarantee there won’t be a charge of ticket. But it will take a little longer than the normal route”. “Really? It sounds interesting sir, we would like to try it” said some...

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