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A Shortcut To Failure Essay

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Emily had always gotten on my nerves. She was the kind of girl who acted so sweet and innocent but was extremely cunning. Her soft voice, seemingly friendly nature and plain looks led most people to believe she was a nice girl. She did a very good job fooling everyone into believing her façade, except for me. I knew her true personality; she was a nasty, cunning girl who would do whatever it took to be on top. She wanted to be better than anyone else, no matter who she stepped on in the process. We were both flute players, so her over-competitive nature was often directed at beating me. I worked hard to keep first chair in the flute section, and she worked hard to try to take first chair from me. By our senior year, the tension was higher than ever. When I again bested her for first chair, she became even more determined to beat me in the last event of the year, All-State.
All-State is a huge state-wide band competition that occurs in the fall of every year. All-State pits players from every school in the state against each other in their chosen instrument. The competition is fierce, and only the best players from each school are selected. Those who perform best are selected to be part of the All-State band. These musicians are the All-State champions and qualify to move on to a national band competition if they choose to do so. In our senior year, both Emily and I were chosen to go to All-State.
All-State has exceptionally strict rules that determine who can judge. This is because without these rules, it could possibly be unfair to the competitors. The judges must not know any of the musicians they are judging, whatever the category or instrument. This rule is crucial to the fairness of the competition, since a judge who knows a competing musician is likely to be biased. This is especially true for judges who are band directors or music teachers. They are not allowed to judge their students.
As All-State weekend approached, tension between Emily and I grew higher and higher. We both wanted a spot in the All-State band among the other champions, but only one of us could get it. The competitive energy between us was almost tangible. The day of the auditions finally came, and I was practically delirious with nervousness. I knew that I had the music for the audition perfected, but I could not help but wonder what Emily had up her sleeve. She wanted the place in the All-State band just as badly as I did. When the time came for me to go into the audition room, she said, “Good luck!” However, just as I turned to walk into the small brightly lit audition room, I caught just a small hint of a smirk sneaking across her face. With no time to wonder what she could possibly be...

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