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A Shrinking Source Of Ethos And Pathos

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Is it possible for a company to lose certain strengths in corporate social responsibility on their websites, even with the advancements in  ? The NBA may have just found a way
to do that. Websites are a company’s database of all their public information. Over time websites have become more and more detailed due to advancements in technology such as computers, but the goals of websites have remained the same. A website’s main goal is to attract and inform the audience of what the specific website or company is offering. The NBA’s website is no different than the typical website. Many different links that will lead the audience to sub-sites can be found on the NBA’s homepage, and the ...view middle of the document...

On this specific page, it includes a picture of a Chris Duhon, a Chicago Bulls player, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity for Hurricane Katrina relief and an article. This is an explicit way of showing the NBA’s corporate social responsibility while at the same time acting on the  s, demonstrating pathos. The 2006 version of NBA’s website even has
a section of the home. Moving to a more implicit way of viewing the NBA’s corporate social responsibility, the 2006 version of the NBA’s website contains a viewer’s poll where anyone who is on this website can vote. This specific date has a poll that asks the audience “Who will win the Rookie of the Year this season?” Corporate social responsibility is seen through this by how it is letting the audience know that the NBA cares about their  . In all, the 2006 version
of the NBA’s website displays implicit and explicit corporate social responsibility that are different from the current NBA website.
The Current Version’s Pathos Appeal
Pathos on the current version of NBA’s website can be seen where the page brings in the issues in the NBA. This includes problems and struggles that certain players are facing. Most of these issues have to do with games being played. The many articles on the current website are an
example of this. This website tries to get the audience to take a side regarding the current big
Currently the NBA Finals are taking place, and they are the
main theme of the NBA’s homepage. Most of the emotional appeals are dealing with, specifically, the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. However, the s appeal to the
audience on the current version is not as strong as it is on the 2006 version. The Social Media Factor
If you were to visit the NBA’s current website, you would see a great deal of change in the companies technique to reach out to their audience. One of the many aspects that have changed is their method of obtaining a sense of corporate social responsibility. Most of this homepage contains articles that deal with players in the NBA and what those players are doing on the court. One of the most noticeable aspects on the current version of the NBA’s website is
. There are nine different buttons on this homepage that would bring
the audience to Facebook’s website and six different buttons that would bring you to Twitter. The bulk of the social media present could show a form of corporate social responsibility
This is seen by understanding that these social media links connected to the NBA’s website will link the audience to the NBA through them. The audience then can stay connected and even communicate to the NBA directly. But how does this demonstrate corporate social responsibility?
The view that the audience is the power source behind the NBA is a crucial one if the NBA wants to stay in business. The audience of the NBA, whether they are watching the games on television or attending a game, provide the NBA with monetary resources. These resources are what keep the NBA, as a...

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