A Sicilian Romance By Ann Radcliffe

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A Sicilian Romance ::: PlotThe happening takes place at the end of 16th century in Sicily, better in the Castle of Ferdinando Mazzini: "a man. His first wife, Louisa Bernini, died after giving him two daughters, Julia and Emilia, and a son, Ferdinand.After the death of his first wife, he committed the education of his daughter to Madame Menon and married Maria de Vellarno then he moves to Naples with her and his son while Julia and Emilia remained back at the Castle. The Castle was divided into two main parts and only one was lived by the two young girls, Madame de Menon and some servants. The south wing was left empty and there happed strange events, such as terrifying sounds and strange lights.As soon as Ferdinand's birthday arrived the count of Mazzini decided to celebrate it within the Castle. Lots of people were invited to join the party; one of them was Hyppolito, count of Verona. Julia felt in love with him as soon as she saw him for the first time even him started to feel something strong for the girl. Also Maria de Vellano, who had already known Hyppolito in Naples, liked him so she tried in every way to separate the two young lovers.In the meantime strange facts continued to happed in the southern wing of the Castle. Julia and Emilia, whose bedrooms were next to this part of the castle, were scared by these terrifying sounds so Ferdinand decided to go and control what was going on.Afterwards he decided to talk to his father about the events and the count of Mazzini revealed him a secret concerning the Castle: there was a ghost that wandered in the south wing, a spirit that belongs to a killed persons.While Julia was falling deeper and deeper in love with Hyppolito, the count of Mazzini decided to led she to marry the Duke of Luano, because of his social class and economical position that was very well, and so in this way he could increase his prestige and his power. He proposed it to his daughter and when Julia refused he constructed her to do his will saying that if she didn't marry the duke of Luano she would have to became nun. Julia, hopeless, decided to run away with Hyppolito to avoid her father will. While they were escaping from the castle, helped by Ferdinand, they were found and the count of Mazzini hit Hyppolito with his sword. Hyppolito pretended to die. Julia and Ferdinand were imprisoned in two different cage of the Castle.By now everything was ready for the marriage between Julia and the Duke of Luano but when the count of Mazzini went to say his daughter to prepare herself for the ceremony he couldn't believe to his eyes when he found the room completely empty. Suddenly he sent some servants to look for her in the Castle surroundings, but she was vanished and they couldn't be able to find her. However researches continued and one day a servant told the count of Mazzini to have found the young lady in a house in the middle of Marentino Forest. Immediately the Duke of Luano and his men rushed towards that place but they...

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