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A Signature Based Approach Against Polymorphic Internet Worms

1967 words - 8 pages

h Babu Battula Ram Bilash(2010UCP233)
1. Introduction
2. Related Work
3. Design
3.1 Failure Connection Design
3.2 Signature discoverion Design
4. Results
5. Conclusion
6. References
1. Introduction
Internet worms present a solemn threat to todays highly
networked computing environment. Unlike other threats
viruses and trojans, worms typically scatter automatically
without active human intervention, resulting in infection
rates that are considerably higher than those of traditional
These Active internet worms spread in an automated fash-
ion and can
ood the internet in a very short time. Anti-
virus is signature-based technology. Anti-virus ...view middle of the document...

The technology directed to examine the way of the error
message, such as RESET in TCP and ICMP target un-
reachable message.
S. Chen et al. design approach to nd the worm, but the
impulse of false alarms take too much time to discover the
worms. S. E. Schechter et al. design a hybrid approach for
discovering scanning worms that is integrates notable im-
provements by two techniques: sequential hypothesis test-
ing and connection rate limiting. This approach can dis-
cover the internet worm but doesnot work well on discov-
ering stealthy worm. The threshold cant reach to discover
stealthy worm.
X. Yang et al. design approach for discovering the worms
has two sub approachs, the rst approach short term ap-
proach run to discover worm, but the second approach
longer term approach cant discover some kinds of stealthy
worm. The approach also cannot hold any equations to
determine specication when the equation runs in the ap-
proach to discover early worm if it has higher rate for value
in average of break link. Yang approach focus just for dis-
covered which computer contain the worm.
2. Related Work
Zou et al. presented the architecture of a complete worm
observoring system. The observoring system targets to pro-
vide comprehensive observation data on a worms actionss
for the early perception of the worm. Zou focused just on
the ICMP message.
Schechter et al. design worm perception method based
on the connection collapse. This approach can discover in-
ternets worm but cant work well on discovering stealthy
worm. The threshold for this approach cannot discover
stealthy worm.
Yang et al. design approach for discovering the worms has
two sub approachs, the rst approach short term approach
run to discover worm, but the second approach longer term
approach cant discover some kinds of stealthy worm.
Berk et al. tabled a scanning system by gathering ICMP
target Unreachable messages generated by routers for pack-
ets designated to unused IP addresses. Berk method doesnt
use TCP/RESET collapse connection technique.
Staniford Chen et al. proposed an intrusion perception sys-
tem called GrIDS, which can discover worm-infected hosts
in a local network through building the worms infection
S. Chen et al. idea was based on an eective approach
for discovering network and hang based on the breakdown
of the link request received at network routers. S. Chen
proposed distributed anti-worm architecture (DAW) that
automatically slows or stops the scatter of the worm.
3. Design
we studied two approachs, the rst is discover which
computer contain the worm and second approach to dis-
cover the congestion signature from the computer that in-
fected by the worm.
3.1 collapse Connection Design
This approach appoints dierence between regular link
and worm link. The worm scans dierent IP addresses ev-
ery second. The design hangs on the TCP collapse and
ICMP unreachable link on dierent addresses....

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