A Serious Issue In United States Prostitution

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Final DraftA serious issue in United States - ProstitutionThere are over 100,000 prostitutes in the United States, but there are still many prostitutes that are hiding so we can't find out. The number of prostitutes in the United States is uncountable. Prostitute is a person who is willing tohave sex with others for exchange for money or other goods. As we know, Nevada is the only state in the United States of America where brothels are legal. Brothel is a house of prostitution that over 30 of them exists in Nevada, and there are more than 800 women are employed. Prostitution is illegal anywhere else in the United States besides Nevada. And it has brought prostitutes some serious issues such as sexual abusing, abusing drugs. Some even get assaulted or raped. According to the writer Nick Krist, "A conservative study found that about 2/3 prostitutes have been sexually abused, and he also believes that as many as 90 percent of prostitutes have been sexually abuse." In other places where prostitution is illegal, prostitutes who are standing in the street that assaulted with a weapon or raped at least once. Furthermore, many prostitutes are facing health and financial problems. Many girls are under pimps' control, and they sometime get paid less as well. Overall, prostitution is a serious issue in the society. In order to help prostitutes get rid of theviolence and oppression. Legalization of prostitutes is the best way to solve this serious problem. However, I believed that prostitutes should be legalized in the United States.Legalizing prostitution will guarantee prostitute's safety. According to Barbara Brents's article, the employees mention that they feel safe and free to enter and leave legal brothels.We surveyed that 84 percent of the brothel workers feel safe when they are working. They feel safe because the police are protecting the workers. In other words, legal brothels can provide a safe working environment to prostitutes. Prostitutes can pay more attention when they are working. Illegal prostitutes have been sexually abused and some of them get killed from work. Illegal prostitutes have no any guarantee to get protected. According to the Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore's story, she was with John who has been sending her a massage. He slipped his penis into her asshole. At first, she enjoyed this experience, but she realized he didn't use a condom. She told him to put one on but he refused. And he raped her; she asked him to stop, instead of that she wanted him ejaculate on her face. She didn't call the police and hotel security for raping because she felt it's normal. And after that she just avoided talking about it. He paid her two hundred fifty dollars before he left. She was technically sexually assaulted. But this assault wouldn't have happened because John would have had to comply with rules of legal brothels. Because she enjoyed time with John, that makes her out of arousal in security. The security would have to assist her if she asks...

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