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Something odd happened that night.

“Ugh...what...what is this?” The luxio asked himself, surveying his surroundings. He found himself stood on the bank of a large lake, gazing outwards over an outwardly sea of white, luminescent crystals. It was difficult to see, as the only light here seemed to radiate from the vast puddle that surrounded him. It took a moment to realize, but this wondrous ocean of gems turned out to be nothing more than a reflection of the ceiling...shame. Wait, what?! Sambas hastily switched his gaze upwards and gasped in amazement. Varying sizes of white gems, crystals and jewels were strewn across the ceiling as far as Sambas could see, masquerading as an indoor sky for the entirety of the lake. Returning his view to the water, he reached out and submerged a paw, the reflection shimmered and briefly dispersed. When the ripples subsided, the reflection of the crystals...oddly took a different form, not resembling their previous shape but instead crudely taking the look of a face, somewhat feline in appearance, much to Sambas' surprise.

Sambas quickly withdrew his paw from the lake as an intoxicating, acrid aroma swiftly descended upon him, forcing him to shield his nose. Stepping towards the lake's edge, Sambas splashed a few drops of water on his face. Through watery eyes, he could see the face-like reflection gain further clarity. Rubbing his eyes free of water, he could now make out the more finer details of the visage.

It donned dark blue skin with soft features, gentle brown eyes and a button nose. A tuft of white fur lay atop its head, adorned with a smooth gem-like oval. A long sickle-like horn—the same colour as its skin—protruded from the right side of its forehead and curved back over its head. Most of its features were partially covered by thick, almost plait-like locks of fur that ran down the left side of its face. It vaguely reminded Sambas of himself due to its cat-like appearance.

Submitting to his curiosity again, Sambas hesitantly reached out to touch the sunken beauty. Much to his surprise, it mimicked Sambas' actions perfectly, reaching out as well, almost as if he was peering into a mirror, he recoiled his paw once again only to find reflection do so too. He closed one eye and cocked his head, immediately the reflection copied him, seemingly taunting him with a mischievous smile creeping on its lips. Its gentle brown eyes fixated on Sambas,...

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