A Single Experience/ The Essay Is About How A Single Experience Can Impact Someone's Life.

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A single experience can impact somebody so profoundly that it changes their life from that moment on. The effects of a single experience can linger a few seconds and do nothing or an eternity and change everything. People have been inspired by numerous amounts of activities including meeting people, seeing events, speaking to people and even hearing or knowing about an event (good or bad).Most of my impacting experiences that have shaped my life in one form or another have been from my father, he has taught me more life lessons than anyone I know. I remember watch my dad working diligently in his office trying to figure out a major problem, and as soon as he found the solution he's been searching for he had a look on his faced that showed me how happy he was when he figured out the problem, I realized at that point that being put under stress can be a good thing as long as it doesn't become to overwhelming to handle. At that moment I also realized that I wanted to be in business, so I spent more time around him learning how to handle certain aspects of not only his business but business in general.I also learned that day to always make time for your family, whether you are swamped with work or not, the littlest thing can mean so much to your family. During the middle of his searching he hugged me and told me he loved me and set a few minutes trying to lead me to the answers on...

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598 words - 2 pages games. To those people noted above, it is maybe helpful for them to get some general ideas from books before they do the real practice for the first time, but their direct experience from their practice is much more vital. Moreover, even if a person does not look for any books about how to wave arms or legs properly in water, or a football player doesn't know how to kick a ball or defense before his or her first practice, he or she still could be

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