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A Single Mom and SchoolI am a twenty-eight year old single parent. I have four children, three boys and agirl, their ages are eleven, eight, five, and one. My life is pretty hectic. I love mychildren more than anything in the world, I would not send them back now if I could.But, sometimes I can't help but thinking how different and easier my life would be if Iwould have waited until I accomplished my goals. Sometimes I sit, looking around at thepeople who are younger than me, and I think that this was supposed to be what I amdoing, or should have done. Since I am twenty-eight I should have been graduated fromcollege. I envy those who were able to go straight to college after high school and get tolive on campus. I was not able to experience, the "college life". I wanted to go to ClarkState in Atlanta, Ga. but was unable to because I had a child.I had my first son at the age of sixteen; I was a junior in high school. My motherwas furious and my father didn't talk to me for a long time. Everyone was convinced thatI would not graduate from high school, and make anything of myself. But I had otherPlans, for my family. It really disappointed me that they had not faith in me. I wasdetermined to prove all of them wrong. I graduated from high school, I went to atechnical school for Medical Assisting. It was a ten month program. Mainly I chose thatschool because it was convenient to home. I also had a friend that I went to high schoolwith that was attending the school also. Since she had a car and I didn't, she helped meout with getting to and from school and sometimes taking my son to the babysitter. Aftergraduating from there I worked in a doctor's office, until I got pregnant with my secondson. Since I was having another child I had to move out on my own, I was twenty when Imoved to my first apartment. After my son was born I worked in a Nursing Home as aState Tested Nurse Aide. I worked at the Nursing Home for two years, then I decided towork part time and try going to Columbus State. I did a quarter at Columbus State, I didreally well, until second quarter I was pregnant with my third son and was really sick, soI had to drop out in the middle of my second quarter. After he was born I realized I couldnot continue to survive off of a part time salary. So I landed a position with a healthinsurance company, Aetna Inc. I worked with them for five years, starting out as themain Receptionist for the entire building and then I became a Claims Benefit Specialistand then to become a Service Consultant. I made a comfortable salary there. However,there were times that I had to work three jobs just to make it. I realized that this was notmy calling, for one reason I should not be working more than one job, there is a sayingthat two jobs are for two people, that is so true. Obviously I was not making acomfortable enough salary as I thought if I had to work other jobs to supplement myincome.In June of this year I asked my employer if I could work part time to go...

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