A Skatepark Benefits A Community Essay

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Why do we need skateparks? This has been a long running question that many of us do not really know the answer to. There is many opposing views on a skatepark and there are many views that support the cause. The main point is why they are beneficial to a community and the inhabitants alike. They bring much joy through the years for people of all ages and are a great addition for its cost. Skateparks are beneficial because they promote less crime, promote health and healthy lifestyles, and they are a great for community development.
There are many stereotypes that skateboarding and biking and while some of the stereotypes are positive there are a vast majority of stereotypes that are negative and misleading. The negative usually slander the name of the sport and say that it promotes crime being the most prevalent of all of them. It is said that skateboarding and biking promote a negative lifestyle and lead kids into crimes such as: graffiti, smoking, sex, unlawful use of property, trespassing, bullying, and breaking and entering just to name a few. This being said it would be a necessity for a skatepark in a community to promote less crime in that area and give the people of the sport a place to ride without being slandered and abiding by the laws by having a place to do the sport. The reason why a rider may trespass is because that spot has the best what is called “line” where they would do a series of tricks in that area and put it together in a string. Some if not many of the time the rider is not even aware that he or she is trespassing until somebody comes out and yells at them or law enforcement becomes involved. These stereotypes should be put to the test and stopped as popular studies have shown that a skatepark in a community it has been seen that with it there the teenage inhabitants have less of a chance to smoke, drink, have sex, and skip school (“Tony” par. 8). Skateparks are also beneficial to keep the riders out of areas they should not be in because if they have a place to ride and practice their skills why would they go out and find places to go? They will go to the park because of the ability to ride with freedom and increase their skills in a safer environment with people with that same interest of skating or biking or even both! What most people who push for skateparks in communities will tell you “If a community does not have a skatepark it is a skatepark.” (“30” par. 30) This statement is far from false because if the riders are not provided with the necessary areas to utilize their sport they will make them on their own. Whether it be out of garbage cans and boards, the drained neighborhood water park, or even that abandoned warehouse off of 5th avenue. Teenagers in the sport are very creative and innovative and ambitious enough to create something from nothing If they care for what they believe in. It would help to have a skatepark in the community because it can be built close to riders homes...

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