A Slice Of Life Essay

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Thump!Thump! There was a loud noise at the door, "Alright hold on, I'm
coming." Tim yelled. Tim was in his early twenties, he had a blue mowhawk,
always dressed shabby, and addicted to heroin. Tim walked to the door and opened
it, "Yes." he said sarcastically.

The man at the door asked if Gwen was home, "Are you Gwen's new boyfriend" Tim
asked him. "Yes I am, my name is Tony" he replied. "Nice to meet you" Tim said.
"No, Gwen is not here right now. I think she is still trying to get the job at
that bar on 6th street" Tim replied.
"Oh, well tell her that I came by and just to give me a call, OK?" Tony said.
"One problem" Tim said. "Oh, and what's that?" Tony replied. "Didn't Gwen tell
you?" Tim said "we don't have a phone, or a T.V or any other appliances, we are
gutterpunks. Why do you think we live in this shed?" "Well I guess I will
just come back later" Tony said with a strange look on his face.

"Tim! Wakeup! " Gwen yelled. "Huh?" Tim replied. "Wakeup!," she yelled
back. "Oh, OK" Tim yelled back. "That boy, Tony came by, looking for you, he
thought we had a phone." Tim said chuckling. "You didn't tell him that we
don't have a phone or the other stuff did you?!" Gwen yelled. "Um, well kinda
yeah, why?" Tim questioned. " Why?" she yelled and stormed off. Gwen was the
type of girl who didn't care what people thought of her, but she didn't like it
when people would find out that she was poor. She had blonde hair, and was very
thin. She wore sequined pants, and these funny looking shirts most of the time,
unless she went out.
"Gwen?, Mike, and Shirley are home. Look I'm sorry I told Tony." Tim
said. "Send Shirley in." Gwen yelled back. "Shirley, Gwen wants you." Tim said.
" I'll be right in" she yelled back. Shirley was an Irish girl whose parents
had both died, and she was sent to America to live with her aunt, she ran away
and met Mike. Shirley had red hair, and was also a weird dresser, she had a job
at a library filing books. The pay was bad but she would accept anything, that
would keep them alive.
"I'm outside Gwen, come on out and we will talk." Shirley yelled into
the shed. "What's wrong with her?" Mike asked. "Tim told her new boyfreind we
were poor," Shirley replied. "So, what's wrong with being poor?" Mike asked, "
We have a place to sleep and we're happy." "Yeah, but you know how Gwen is
about these things." Shirley said. "Yeah, I guess," Mike replied. Mike had
brown hair, worked in a music store that paid him almost nothing. He plays the
guitar really well, and has tried out to be in local bands so he could earn
money but hadn't been lucky. He is the only one of the group that knew about
Tim's heroin problem.
Gwen walked out of the shack and apologized to Tim for storming off, and
told Shirley that she was OK, and didn't need to talk anymore. "So, Tim, when
are you gonna go look for a job?" Mike asked. "Ugh.....me work!?" Tim replied
sarcastically. "Yes you." Mike...

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