A Slum Of Rubbish: A Case Of Phum 3

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Located in Sangkat Srash Chork, among 24 villages, Village 3 (Phum Bei) exposes to the worst waste management case. The coverage of the village include those houses along the Russian Federation Boulevard (RFB) (On the oppsite side of Kdan 2 and the COM) to the North until the railway next to the former Boeung Kak lake (or a former village 4 of this sangkat). The view from the RFB looks nice and tidy whereas the back is hidden from the public. One will never be able to imagine what the view at the aback look like. In the middle of a big construction poster, there is a fairly good road to the railway. Next to the railway on left is the back area of the village 3. Crossing the railway in the ...view middle of the document...

This village would rather be called a dumping village. Once you enter the village, the most eye-disturbing thing is the spreading of garbage. Garbage is almost everywhere. There are one dumping depot in the corner of the village next the railway; this is the place where people should disposed their household waste and Cintri regularly come to collect it. However, the depot has always been filled with both household and construction wastes. As reported by some villagers and village authorities, since the Cintri strike happened, the trucks come irregularly. Only on the dumping block, on the railway itself, there are so many pieces of paper, plastic bags, used straws, and clam shells are all over the place. As you walk from house to house, what can disturb you more, the spoiled waste spread in the water under every house. People have to walk on small and old wooden bridge along the corridor to get access to the house at the back. Some people use firewood placing on the thrown waste packages as passing bridge. None of the house see no garage underneath and along the alley. During rainy season, the flood rise above the house level, some family have to even up the sleeping beds.

Before and after the Boeug Kak lake has been filled, things has drastically changed. The situation was not that bad. Interviewing with about 10 people and village authorities living in front and back area depict that before the Boeung Kak was filled, the area below their house is dry ground with little waste and water sometime only; some animals (e.g. chicken and duck) could be raised, clothes could be hung to get the sun light, place for nape or sit and relax was there as well. Geographically, the land of this slum area is a basin which is closely connected to the Boeung Kak lake where the water from this basin drain into the lake. The subsequent of the lake filling up is the increasing water level in this basin as the filled area become higher than the basin. From year to year, the rain and sewage water fill up the basin and as result it has become a lake. A lake with houses build on and household waste disposed in has become a dumping lake. From day to day, residents want to make the pile of disposed waste fill up the lake like the Boeung Kak filled with sand. Thus, almost everyone dump their household waste in this lake.

Waste management in this village has been concerned by three main issues: (i) the city development, (ii) people ill practice, and (iv) the absence of Cintri service. First of all, the Boeung Kak lake development severely impact the drainage system of this village. Before and after the Boeug Kak lake has been filled, things has drastically changed. The situation was not that bad. Interviewing with about 10 people and village authorities living in front and back area depict that before the Boeung Kak was filled, the area below their house is dry ground with little waste and water sometime only; some animals (e.g. chicken and duck) could be raised,...

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