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A Little Bit Of Music And Coffee And Cake

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I was woken up by the feeling of warmth of the sun. A nice feeling, if I may add. Thinking about what yesterday happened makes my stomach flutter. I have never seen him acting this way. So careful and gentle with me. But he's still a troublemaker. A cocky one.

Still laying in my bed and thinking about yesterday, a though crossed my mind. Why did he even want me to meet him? To be frank, I may seem like that girl next door with good grades, friends, family - a great life. No. There's a lot more in it. But there's one thing, I am not something special nor something interesting or exciting.

Being remembered of myself by this thought, I let out a heavy sigh. I take a glance out the window and closed my eyes. They stayed close for a short time until I opened them again ready to face the world.

I slowly pushed myself up to sit and took a look around my room. I like my walls a lot. Mint green is a nice colour. Apart from that there is nothing special. I sigh again before I finally get out of the bed and went straight to the bathroom doing the usual. Taking a cold shower, brushing my teeth and trying to look decent.

After finishing my routine, I walked back to my room. Where I felt safe, I thought. I picked out something comfortable to wear and made my way to the kitchen where probably the rest of my family was.

"Good morning honey!" A cheery voice said, which belonged to my dad. I let out a yawn and mumbled a "Good morning." My dad chuckled at my tiredness and asked if I slept well. My response was a simple nod.

"Is my lovely brother already awake or does he have to feel my wrath?"

"Not today, he's out to buy some of his cereal."

I rolled my eyes. You see, my brother is a very strange human being. He refuses to eat anything else in the mornings except his favourite cereal which happens to be Lucky Charms. "He's weird."

"Who is weird?" Another voice called out. My beloved brother. He can be pain in ass sometimes, however I love him to death.

"You." I smirked at him but he just stuck his tongue out at me. I laughed at his childish behaviour and said, "and yet you wonder why dad thinks you're...

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