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A Small, Good Thing A Short Story By Raymound Carver

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Ingrained within the American identity is a restless spirit that is never content to be defined by the same terms for too long. Yet the things Americans value remain the same, evidenced by the titles they strive so hard to attain—husband, wife, mother, father. These titles represent who Americans are as much as what they are. They are the roles that give Americans purpose and meaning. The defining aspect of Raymond Carver's short story, “A Small, Good Thing,” is the fact that its characters are undeniably American. “A Small, Good Thing” was originally published in 1981 as “The Bath” in Carver's second major publication, What we Talk About When we Talk About Love, before reappearing two years later in Cathedral, longer and revised. The second version includes a new ending that lends more closure than its predecessor but completely changes the meaning of the story, painting the conflict in a new light, creating a tone that saturates the story like a colored filter over a lens; however, what the new ending offers most is deeper insight into the identity of the characters involved—who they are, what they hope for, what they're afraid of, and what has the power to heal them.
Like the characters in his stories, Carver was no stranger to sorrow. Born in 1938 and raised in the Northwest, Carver was a typical blue-collar American, working odd jobs to support a wife and two daughters, doing his best to cope with the frustrations and struggles of the working-class (“Raymond Carver”). He was reputed to be self-centered, an alcoholic with violent tendencies, and ambitious to the point of sacrificing his marriage and family for the fame he sought (Yardley). Dying at the age of fifty from cancer, he lived the harsh reality of the American Dream. Carver had a wealth of experience to draw from when creating his characters, and he wove what he saw as the American’s best and worst qualities into stories, making them unmistakable in black and white.
“A Small, Good Thing” begins the same way that “The Bath” did, on a Saturday afternoon. The reader is given an over-the-shoulder perspective of a mother picking out a birthday cake for her soon-to-be-eight-years-old son, Scotty, watching as she orders a space-themed cake from a polite, yet impersonal, baker. She gives the baker her name, Ann Weiss, and is told the cake will be ready Monday morning, just in time for the party. However, before she gets the chance to pick-up the cake, the unimaginable happens—the birthday boy is hit by a car. The car that hit him had at least waited to see if he would get up before driving away. In shock, the child manages to walk home and tell his mother what happened, all without shedding a tear, before losing consciousness. She calls Howard, her husband, the child's father, who is at work. He tells her to “remain calm, remain calm” (Carver 1037). He repeats the platitude as much for her benefit as for his own, perhaps because he knows that, ultimately, the only comfort one can hope...

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