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A Snapshot Of My Life Essay

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A snapshot of my little life begins like this. My full name is Agneta Cyntrece Harris and I am pretty sure that is all you know about me and would be interested in finding out more. I am definitely more than meets the eye. I come from a single parent background, where we live from paycheck to paycheck. I am actually pretty outgoing. I love being around people, even though I am quiet in a setting full of unfamiliar people. I always introduce myself with a warm welcoming smile that is guaranteed to brighten any day. I have ambitions that stretch above and beyond average. I am also a part time student at Upson Lee High School and Southern Crescent Technical College. I strive to make a ...view middle of the document...

It was all about leaving home, being without my parents, being involved in campus life, joining sororities, meeting incredible new people, and new experiences period. Now that I don’t know what to do, it seems unreal; I just have to suck it up and deal with it. I attend school and trying to find a job is definitely a struggle. I find a way to get it done though. My grandmother always said, “Sleep is for the dead”. So I know I will make it. In no way am I complaining though, I would not trade the life I have for anything in the world. Obstacles only make you stronger.
Change is the only constant in life it’s inevitable. Some change is for the good and some is not so good. Most of the changes recently in my life have been positive or a result of me turning a negative into a positive. Due to my situation dealing with one income coming in and barely surviving off that, I have realized that the world is a cold place and no one gets any sympathy due to their circumstances. When you fall down you have to get yourself up, dust off, and keep going on with life. That’s a challenge when taking care of a child and going to college. My ambitions outweigh all of my obstacles in life. I try to keep a positive attitude and see the glass as half full instead of half empty.
I have always been an...

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