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A Social Technology World Essay

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Social technology is all around us, in-and-out of our work environment even at home. People will tend to talk with their coworkers about our family and their life events. As Jones et al. (2013) states, “The components of socio-technical systems, be they artefacts or humans, carry out their work by interacting with each other against a social, organizational or legal background. The field of Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems has for some time represented an obvious example of this work, but the important part played by social concepts extends into other parts of Computer Science too” (p. 6). For many companies understanding the social technology between their employees and their information systems (IS) is critical. For instance how social media pertains to people, technology and the use of management systems integration. As Robert Ouellette made changes on the ALCAN’s IT organizational structure, people and IT projects it changed the dynamics of how business was done and saved on wasteful spending. There are some of the advantages in reassessing a company strategies, with the use of social media and integrating management systems.
Management Integration
ALCAN is a rather large company made up of 68,000 employees, throughout 61 countries according to the case study (Dubé, 2009). The company is at a worldwide scale and its vast geographical locations provide people of a rich diverse culture. The social technological aspect involves how human beings interact in their work environment and information systems or technology. This is a reason why companies should consider the many benefits that social technology provides. A benefit is how people use social networks to interact with the consumer base. According to Bughin et al (2011), “Levels of reported benefits not only remain high when respondents’ organizations use social tools for internal purposes but have also increased among those that use them for communicating with customers or for integration with partners and suppliers (Exhibit 3)” (para. 3). Companies should also be cognitive and adhere to all security considerations in order to protect their employees and customers by providing surveys on how people communicate. Surveys provide excellent feedback on how well the customer’s experience was with the employee. It is important to provide a management system that will allow the employee to provide an excellent customer experience and over time continually improve the process. Social interaction can also be influenced in the busy but pleasant work environment where leadership communication can affect how their employee’s interact. In a reading by Wilson about Toxic Leaders and The Social Environments That Breed Them (2014), “The negative leader completes short-term requirements by operating at the bottom of the continuum of commitment, where followers respond to the positional power of their leader to fulfill requests. This may achieve results in the short term,...

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