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A Society Of Outcasts Essay

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Have you ever felt like an outcast? Have you ever felt like everyone around you thinks you’re insane? Do you ever get that feeling that your difference from everyone else is a brand on your forehead or a stain in your clothes that won’t come out? In her novel, Their Friend Scarlet, Victoria Kahler says, “She felt just like that girl in that book with the letter A on her chest. Only her A signified Alone. She was an outcast, cast out by her own choices, an outsider with a pretty face. Like a rose, she may have been beautiful to look at, but almost everyone only knew the thorny side,” (“Quotes About Outcast”). Everyone wears a letter on their chest. It is something that distinguishes him or her from every other person. Unfortunately, more times than not, the discovery of this difference hits the wrong chord with society and the dissonance creates a fissure between him and society. To put it another way, differences between people in society creates outcasts. But just because you are ostracized does not mean that you can just give up. A whole new world can be created from an idea.
The quote above refers to The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. In it, the main character Hester is forced to wear a red, or more specifically scarlet, letter “A” on her dress because she had conceived a daughter under an adulterous affair, which, at the time, was an extremely punishable offence. Hawthorne uses the punishment she did receive to illustrate that even the worst of offenders sometimes deserve a second chance. However, this is not the only claim that Hawthorne makes about Hester’s predicament. Hawthorne writes in his book that Hester became an outcast when she committed adultery. When she was branded with the scarlet letter, it exposed to the society she lived in what she truly was: different. She proved to the community that she was indeed human and yes, she did make mistakes. Hester...

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