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A Society Where Everything Is More Important Than Education

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In today’s society, the most precarious problem a student can encounter is losing his or her cell phone. With that in mind, students may not have their priorities straight if they deem updating a twitter status and chatting with friends more important than their grades. Simply looking around a high school classroom, over half of the students will probably be sleeping, on their phones, doodling, or just not paying any attention. While statistically it may appear that test scores are improving, the reality is that America is slipping further behind in the world’s education rankings. With teens becoming more independent by procuring licenses and spending more time with their friends than family, they are being consumed by the emergence of drug use, social media, and electronics which appear to have a negative impact on students’ grades. Not restricted to these said causes, a student’s life at home and their relationships with their teachers may also yield alterations to GPAs and can negatively result in a student dropping out.
A recent study performed by The Miriam Hospital´s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine on college women showed that the average student spends nearly half of her day occupying herself with trivial electronic usage, that is, personal cell phone usage, internet usage, and watching television. There was a strong correlation that linked low GPAs with high usage of social media. The low GPA may be resultant of the fact that increased social media usage also yields lower classroom attendance, lower assignment completion rates, a lack of sleep, as well as low levels of in-class confidence. Not limited only to grades, levels of
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loneliness, anxiety, marijuana, and alcohol use also increase with the use of electronics. While to removal of social media from individual’s lives is nearly impossible due to its rapidly expanding nature, some professors and teachers may begin to integrate the usage of social media in their classroom and homework activities. While this study performed was only for college students within a relatively small window of time, the results are expected to be continuous for high school students (Suciu).
The average student’s academic decline usually begins with the inception of high school that is, 9th grade. When students go to high school, they may have up to seven different teachers in any given year. Students say that they perform better when the teacher connects with the classroom and is encouraging (Smith). M. Burns, a suburban public school teacher, says that the biggest contributing factor to a student’s success is having a teacher, who cares about their students. He explains that students with an encouraging teacher actively participate in class, naturally yielding higher test scores. Additionally, Burns addresses the fact that students are afraid to “let-down” teachers that they have a bond with and therefore feel obliged to perform well. On the contrary, students say that teachers...

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