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A Software Architecture Perspective Essay

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A cloud based system and its architecture has a significant paradigm shift in software architectures; definitely there are differences in technology, interaction and resource allocation with similar business goals but more so ever the biggest shift is in the contextual properties of cloud based system architecture.
To illustrate the significant differences consider the contextual properties of a general system architecture and cloud based system. [2]
A. General Software Architecture.
A general software architecture intuitively denotes the higher level details about components in a system. Figure 3 shows the architecture of a travel management system; as described by M. Shaw [3] software architecture can be modeled using Component, Connectors and Architectural Styles.
1) Components
Set of defined units that usually performs an operation. It can be active units like humans or agents or passive ones like storage or channel or even computational units like modules, processes, filters etc. It usually has well defined interfaces for in/out data and control flow.
2) Connectors
Define the dataflow and interactions between components, like shared variables, read/write access controls, communication channels and their protocols.
3) Architectural Patterns and Styles
An architectural pattern is a collection of architectural design decisions that are applicable to a recurring design problem, they are generalized for different software development contexts in which that problem appears [4]. Styles and Patterns are chosen based on the context and requirements for the system, they will have typical communication, coordination, and interaction between components. Figure 3 shows a Fundamental Modeling Concept (FMC) [5] which is a typical style for representing dynamic systems. Similarly there are many architectural styles tailored for general system behavior.

Fig. 3. Travel Reservation System (System Architecture)
B. Cloud Architecture (Contextual Properties)
In a typical cloud architecture, there is a new concept of its changes due to operational environment and location of software components on either the cloud premises or consumer’s premises.
• On-premise: Architectural component is present in the consumer’s premises. It is typically present in the consumers
• Off-premise components runs within the cloud service provider’s hardware resources and may be physically present at the service provider’s location.
It also takes into account the level of control the service provider and the consumer has over a typical component. These changes in contextual properties three new attributes [2]: Scope, Ownership and the Control over the component which are significantly different from regular software architectures.
1) Scope
Scope defines if a component is on-premise or off-premise, a cloud based system is generally so distributed that the systems can be spread across locations and even countries. Also the scope of a...

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