A Soldier's Story Of Being Subjected To The Harsh And Threatening World

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When I went to London for a military assignment I was told that I was not allowed to wear my military uniforms and that I would have to wear civilian clothing because I was in the US military and that was looked down upon in London because of the war. My assignment was at the London MCA, Heathrow Airport, working with all military mail going into and out of Iraq, Korea, and other countries. I was checking for anthrax and bombs that might be coming to and from the US, as well as preparing for President Bush’s arrival to meet with the Queen. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into, I felt like raw meat waiting to be cooked on a platter by barbarians. I have never felt as threatened by anyone as I did while I was in London because I could not retaliate towards these people who have no morals and a wrong political view but are quick to call the US for help.My short stay began in November of 2004. I had just gotten to my duty assignment at Heathrow Airport when a civilian security guard, that appeared to be Pakistani, grabbed me by my arm and began to pull me across the airport dock. I snatched my arm away and began to yell at the civilian security guard for grabbing me. He did not feel that my military ID was sufficient and was about to arrest me for trespassing on a secured airport dock. He also informed me that in his country they are allowed to grab people like that. I quickly informed him that I was not in his country, wherever it might be, and that I was in London working with the military. I made it clear that if he ever put his hands on me again I would have him arrested for assault. My sergeant heard the commotion and came to see what had happened. I explained the situation and my sergeant also informed the security guard that he could be prosecuted for harming “government property” and that he had better not put his hands on me again. From that point on I felt uncomfortable and threatened by the people in London.Later, after President Bush landed at Heathrow Airport in London there were terrible protests against the US, President Bush, and Tony Blair. People posted signs stating that blood was thicker than oil and that the war...

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