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A Solution Not Entirely Correct Essay

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I never thought that in some point of my life I would end up in America speaking and studying in another language. I also didn’t imagine that I could have the chance to go to different places, and meet people who don’t speak the language that I know. For me, it was hard to communicate. It was confusing at first because I was trying to take on a different culture of new things that I never was aware of. I moved to America and some of my relatives who had been living here they haven't learn about the culture and language like I am doing, they still stocked in my country, Honduras. When I was in my country, we had the idea that America was a country with only one language and culture, it ...view middle of the document...

Is it fair to tax payers that these people who come to get to take away the money or benefits from their government? I don’t think that it is fair because we also have to think that some of them don’t even pay any dollars in taxes because they don’t have Social Security. So what’s the next step then? Do they give SSN’s to everyone so they can pay taxes? If that happens, they will have the chance to get more benefits from the government. Most of the American’s economy needs immigrants to be in work positions where others don’t want to be or don’t like the amount of pay received, and that’s when immigrants take place. It might be a government concern to allow certain quantities of illegal immigrants in order to keep this needed manpower. The American stereotype is that American would complain to be the best but wont do the dirty work.
In our countries we don’t get paid as much as we would here so when I was working late at jack in the box it was more than enough money. The number of illegal immigrants living in the USA has dropped from twelve to eleven million from 2007 to 2012. This means that our government is making the effort to control the quantity of illegals here, which could also mean that more people need to hang on to their budgets or the benefits. More foster children are going to become orphans, which mean that the government will be spending more and more on immigration. 57% of households led by immigrants either legal or illegal are enrolled in at least 1 welfare program. Is it morally right that we help them to succeed their goals, or we should tear down families and send them home? The USA economy has a big loose of well prepared workers but as the immigrant children have been studying in schools and the government has spent the thousands in tuition, so many expenses increase more. Sadly, once they graduate they cannot work because they don’t have papers. This is something we would find quite often is young adults that have the drive to go to school and become successful but the moment they graduate they are asked the question that will haunt them, “Are you a citizen?”.
At the end they might get their papers and we can be sure that they will appreciate them, but what if not? they will still hanging from the welfare programs till...

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