A Solution To The Problems Facing Public Education

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The institution of education has become very “cookie-cutter” since its development in the 18th century. Students are no longer treated as individuals and standards pander to the lowest common denominator. Tasked with the idea of creating a plan for widespread education reform, our group sought out to put into place a public education model for other counties to adopt. The divide between “on level” and Advanced Placement programs has grown so wide that most students find themselves either bored by the “regular” lessons or overwhelmed by the AP ones. Individual attention is vital to student success, and can be provided when students are placed with like minded individuals.
Students will not be students forever. Currently, schools seem to operate on a “teach the test” basis, wherein all instruction culminates to a unit test and is forgotten afterwards. Our schools wish to help prepare students for life after education, as school is temporary. Each subject and course will have legitimate and practical applications. At our schools, students will feel free to speak in open discussions and will learn important social skills. Rather than having the teacher being in an unnecessary position of power over students, they will serve as a leader, guide and mentor of the classroom. Students have become disenchanted by the school system. Children who were once avid knowledge seekers find themselves apathetic by their high school years due to the lack of challenge they face. “Many [students] are writing their own poems, short stories and novels. They have read my books. They have read many other books. They look at me with bright eyes and arrogant wonder. They are trying to save their lives. Then there are the sullen and already defeated Indian kids who sit in the back rows and ignore me with theatrical precision. The pages of their notebooks are empty. They carry neither pencil nor pen. They stare out the window. They refuse and resist” (Alexei). The issue regarding unmotivated students often stems from a difference in learning capability. The higher-level students feel held back when their classes are slower than they expect and the lower-level students feel intimidated by the “smarter” children. While we may never resolve all issues surrounding student apathy, we think our system can prevent more instances than the current one.
Our program is being tested in the high schools of Summers County. We have developed a plan for seven public schools, each one with a different focus program. We have the Bergstrom Institute for Science and Technology (focus: Science, Math and Technology), the Crivelli Fine Arts Academy (focus: Music, Drama and Dance), the Browning School for the Gifted and Talented (focus: higher-level generalized education), the Bressan School (focus: mid-level generalized education), the Babykin Academy (focus: lower-level generalized education), Summers High School (focus: mid-level generalized education), and the Younghouse Academy for Literary...

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