A Speech About Pennies, And Why They're Worthless!

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You've all probable heard the saying A penny saved is a penny earned, but today people just don't care that much about the penny. For the most part Pennies have become a nuisance. You can't buy anything with them. You can't use them in a phone. You can't use it in a parking meter. You can't even use it in a vending machine. If you can withstand embarassment and dirty looks you can go to a store with a pocketful of pennies and try to make a purchase. And Then there's trying to save pennies. Let me assure you, this makes absolutely no economic sense. The time it takes to collect, count, wrap them and bring them to the bank is not worth your time, you might as well just throw them on the ground. Then of course theres someone out there willing to pick up that penny off the ground. Each time you pass up the opportunity to pick up a penny, your paying one one-hundredth of a dollar for the privilege of not having to bend over, pick up a dirty, disgusting, possibly disease-ridden object, and store it on yourself. Today the main purpose of pennies is to use them to prevent yourself from receiving more change and more pennies. Everyone at one time or another has had a bill of a say a $1.03 This causes a major dilemma, take the time to dig some pennies out of your pocket, or be stuck with even more pennies. Businesses are alsoBoth Time and money are wasted. According to BRIAN ROONEY of ABC News.... it is estimated that every cash transaction involving pennies takes an extra two and a half seconds At a rate of $15 an hour for every American's time . . .This leads us to a cost to the nation of $5 billion per year. In addition, many stores are charged up to 10¢ per roll when purchasing pennies from banks. All of these costs must be passed on to consumers. Pennies also hurt the...

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