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A Speech About Public Transport

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I thank you for joining me here today, and giving me the opportunity, as this is indeed a special day. How special? I don’t really know, but I am sure that the outcome of this state election will change the future of the country in some way.I am no superman or Wonder woman. But, I am a person that will try my hardest to change whatever wrongs in this world into rights. I am sure that I can help people in their busy lives with the smallest problems or at least in the transport aspect.Everyday, I see people busily buzzing around to work or students to school. Everyday I see people of this state complaining about the slow or ...view middle of the document...

In Sydney, one million people use that type of transport daily. That is around a quarter of the population of Sydney, which uses city rail for work and school.A week ago, I’m pretty sure that all or at least some of you remember the transport chaos that left thousands of rail commuters stranded after the train broke down between the bridge and Wynyard Station at rush hour. Mr Graham, the Rail corp. chief executive, said that he apologises for the problem but does not know the cause.This is the sign of bad management and if this continues what would all transport look like in the future? Would it be like now where everyday there are problems that are not easy to solve? Would it be like now where everyone is complaining about his or her lateness? Would it be like now, where accidents still occur?Can we really put situations like this into their hands? Do we really want thousands of people to be afraid of being stuck in the same situation over and over again? Do we really want loved ones to worry at home thinking about the outcomes if this happens again?I think not.Instead, we need a person that would manage the world of transport effectively and wisely. We need a person that will devote their time in helping citizens of this state and that will succeed. We need a person that makes wise changes that actually makes a difference.In the end I must say, as Alvin Toffler once said: “Change is not merely necessary to life - it is life.”Bibliography:Alvin Toffler-famous quotes

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