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A Speech About Water Bottle Recycle

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Today, the sight of water bottle in someone's hands has become as common as a cell phone. Some people buy it once just for the bottle and then refill it from the tap. And some of them may throw the empty bottles into garbage can without thinking about where it goes and what happens to it. What people don't realize is that these water bottles need to be recycled and can be recycled. Today, what I m gonna argue is why people should not reuse water bottles, but recycle. In order for you to understand, I'm gonna give you some backgrounds, and define some important terms. There are a lot of reasons for people to not reuse but recycle water bottles. Because of the time limit, I m gonna only explain 3 reasons of them. Then, I will conclude.Bottled water is the fastest growing beverage industry in the world.According to the international bottled water association, sales of bottles water have increased by 500 percent over the last decade. 1.5 million tons of plastic are used to bottle water every year, unfortunately the recycling process is messy and inefficient.The terms that I want to define are reuse of water bottles and recycle.Reuse of water bottles is the practice of refilling the plastic water bottles designed for one use, with tap water for multiple uses.Recycle means to put or pass through a cycle again, as for further treatment; to recondition and adapt to a new use or function.My first reason is that reused bottles may be contaminated with bacteriaBecause water bottles aren't typically washed out and often don't even dry out completely, they become an excellent place for bacteria to take hold.According to a 2003 University of Calgary study, researchers found alarmingly high levels of bacteria in plastic water bottles that had been refilled without proper cleaning. They collected 76 bottles from local elementary school students. Approximately one third of the tested bottles were bacterially contaminated, and nearly 15 percent did not meet safety standards. Scientists concluded that reusing the bottles caused much of the bacteria present around the bottle cap and the bottle second reason for not reusing...

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