A Speech Based On Education.

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I would have liked to have had an education but instead I have to work on the streets if I don't I wont have anything to eat and I wont have any place to sleep tonight. These words were spoken to me by a 10 year old Colombian boy. He was very thin and looked as though he were only 6 years old.Unlike this boy, I was born a citizen of the United States. My parents came here in the late 1970's from Colombia, the country of their birth. I grew up an American but retained ties to my parent's native country. I lived in Colombia this past year and returned in August. This boy was one of the many Colombian children who long for the opportunities we in the United States take for granted. We have the advantage of free education while these children do not. Since poverty stricken countries such as Colombia are not able to send every child to school Americans make the assumption that they are greater than other nations. Similarly, Former president Bill Clinton holds this view. He once referred to the United States as the greatest country in the history of this earth. The shocking truth is the United States itself was once classified as a nation at risk by the national commission on excellence in education. America, despite being the land of plenty is to often the land of lost opportunity.Let's examine America the Superior. and then discover reasons why maybe we're not as superior as we think. And finally, let's explore some ways to motivate our students to find our way to a better America.I. Most Americans tend to take our good fortunes for granted, and this affects how we view other countries. Matt Sebra from the New York Observer said, "we, define ourselves as Americans who have the right to take things for granted." With this in mind let's take the war with Iraq as an example. Most Americans assuming we would beat Iraq threw "war with Iraq" on the "take for granted" pile and returned to the important decisions in life such as, who will be voted off American Idol? It is clear to see that we took the war lightly assuming that we were better than Iraq. These views of superiority is demonstrated in a book called Me .Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. Sedaris an American author visiting France observes, "My understanding was that, the French would never like us, and that's confusing to an American raised to believe that Europe should be grateful for all the wonderful things we've done... "We live in the greatest country on earth is stated as an undeniable fact." We are accustomed to this "fact" and it's startling to realize that other countries have nationalistic slogans of their own, none of which are "we are number two!" There is every indication that we think we are superior. However, other countries do not share this view and there is proof as to why.II. How would America the "great" fare in comparison against the same countries we have rated to be so low? According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and development the US spends more money on...

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