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A Speech By A Human Resource Manager

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1. What roles the HR function has been playing in the company?The human resource management has been playing an indispensable role in this bank. From the case we can find out the HRM includes many functions:(1) Recruiting the right person for the right job at the right post.(2) By constituting and implementing policies, accessing and monitoring the employees' performances.(3) Helping design training programs that support employees continuously improve.(4) Assisting organizational members in how to work effectively (E.g., team building). Aiming to increase increases the level of performance, productivity and also improves the quality of the product and service.(5) Making the employees satisfied with high quality of work life. Giving them equal chance to realize their potential and fulfill their career dreams.(6) Supporting the organization achieve its strategic goal.2. How would you describe the HR management practices the company is implementing? Can they be transferred to the other Nepali organizations?The company is implementing the various HR management practices. It holds a weekly meeting to discuss day-to-day activities to achieve the organizational goal easily. Through the Internet access to the HR system the company has been able to reduce its recruiting cost by more than 33 percent. They implemented a detailed policy on employee monitoring keeping informed on employee activities. They also enlightened each employee of this organization of this policy. They also helped design training programs that support senior manager's continuous improvement program. The manager also emphasizes on teamwork and adaptability to change.I think some of these practices can be transferred to the other Nepali organizations. Because many companies only...

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