A Speech For The Negros

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In Rochester, New York, July 5th, 1852 a man by the name of Frederick Douglass is requested to deliver a speech during the United States’ National Independence. Douglass’ view this request to be derision of his former being and of the inhumane ongoing status of slaves in America at the time. Nevertheless, Douglass yielded to deliver his well constructed “Fourth of July Oration”, which touched different yet extremely important points such as the proof that slavery is unjust and that slaveholders are guilty of hypocrisy, the idea that slavery stigmatizes the fundamentals convey in the Declaration of Independence, the religious and moral opposition slavery presents, and the idea of “man in ...view middle of the document...

The proof that slavery is unjust and that slaveholders are guilty of hypocrisy is a motif throughout Frederick Douglass’ speech. He describes the Fugitive Slave Law as shameless disregarded of the forms of administering law in cunning arrangement “to trap the defenseless…” (FD 268) this law being the least out of all the other violations and inhumane treatment towards black slaves. There were seventy-two crimes in the state of Virginia that had a death penalty, if executed by a black man. Of those seventy-two crimes, only two had a death penalty if they were executed by a white man. This makes whites superior than slaves. This also recognizes them and while they don’t say it they give them the same punishment a white folk would received. The fact that an animal can’t distinguish between a white man and a black man is prove that they are equal. They who strongly deny black slaves are human not only sleep with them, punish them like them but they also taught them about their Devine God and beloved religious ideologies yet they stubbornly rejected them as part of their society. Douglas believed that for the present it is not enough to affirm the manhood of the Negro race.
Frederick Douglass as a former black slave had the need to establish certain credibility in order to be taken seriously. Considering that his audience primarily consisted of white people. He in a spontaneous act enlightened his audience about his past as a slave. He informed them about the significant distance between the platform in which he stood and the slave plantation, from where he escaped as young man. Douglass also talked about how the plantation being the place were he self-taught himself how to read and write which at the time was illegal for a slave to learn and/or know. Making it much more difficult for him to overcome his past as a slave to become the former since for him “the American slave-trade is a terrible reality” (FD 267). Douglas was part...

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