A Speech On One Of These Days By Pink Floyd

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I really don’t like to give speeches, especially in front of all my friends, but I knew that once I walked into my 2nd period advanced English class, I would have to. I knew that what was about to come after I was finished reading it, was not going to be pretty. I could imagine that what I was about to read would stick with me for the rest of my high school career at Nelsonville-York high school with all of my friends teasing me about it, and my teacher, Miss Davis, teaching all of her future freshman classes of what not to write about. As I saw all of this happening, I knew I had to prepare to face the consequences that would come when I was finished. Little did I know that this speech was going to be a huge turning point of my high school career, and affect the way I give speeches and how I talk to people.
It was a Monday morning at Nelsonville-York high school; the weather was decent for a September morning. The school year had just started about 3 weeks before the day came I had to present my paper. I had written about a word that best describes me and a song that best describes that word. Miss Davis, our freshman English teacher who loved all of her students and helped anyone if they need it, assigned us this paper to help prepare us for the end of the year term paper. The purpose of this paper was to help us get used to writing papers and to understand how we were supposed to write them. The word I thought best described me was random. I chose this word because in front of my friends, I can sometimes be random. I knew that I could pick any song that best describes that word because most songs are random. The mistake I made was trying to picking a song that only had twelve words in it, and that song was One of These Days by Pink Floyd. I thought it would be easy to write about, since the song only had twelve words in it, but those twelve words turned out to be the words that would get me in trouble.
Once my name was called to come up and speak to the class, I started to shake. I slowly got up and walked to the front of the class. I started to read the paper and everything was going good until I reached the song section of my paper, and that’s when I started to slow down and I started shaking even more. Once I finished my paper, I felt relieved that nothing happened. I started to walk back to my seat, in the back of the class, but as I was walking back to my seat, Miss Davis asked me to tell her and the class what those twelve words in my song were. Once I heard her say that, I knew that it was going to be bad. I faced the class and kept my head down as I read “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces.” The whole class wasn’t paying attention until I said those words. Once I looked up to see their reactions, they all started to laugh. My teacher looked horrified and then she started to laugh a bit....

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