A Speech On The Presentation Of The Film Reel Bad Arabs

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Good evening ladies and gentleman. I have to say it is an honor to be here today in Los Angeles. I am naturally thrilled that so many of you decided to come out today for the premiere, I’m thrilled to find that many of you support the film. I know there are plenty of box-office movie s you could have seen, but that you chose to watch my documentary, it truly means a lot to me.

You know, films are such wonderful creation. I have absolutely loved going to the movies ever since I was a little boy, growing up in Pittsburg. I remember going to the theatre every Saturday with my wonderful grandmother. My mother used to work as a cashier there, so it was a good excuse to take in as many movies as ...view middle of the document...

So I ended up reviewing over 900+ films for my book. Like I said, I really love movies! Now, what my research showed was that in the majority of these films, the Arabs are being negatively stereotyped. Very few films actually portrayed them in a positive or neutral fashion. As you will see in the documentary. The question we should all ask ourselves is this, “Why has this been able to go on for such a long period of time?”. Well, as always, there’s no simple explanation, but ignorance plays a big part in this. Film producers have chosen to ignore the reality of the Arab world and have convinced viewers to do the same. They are all hiding behind a wall of ignorance. And of course, that is the easy way out of the situation right? That’s why stereotyping is used so often. It is easier to classify a people as being a certain way than going into detail and actually expressing all the aspects and characteristics they have. But then again, ignorance isn’t the main reason, it rather is money. It feels like nowadays everything is solely about money and profit. Vilifying a people, in this case the Arabs and bashing Arabs is done in hundreds of films. And it is always done for the same reason; because that is what people find entertaining, and that is what will make a film a box-office success.
Each person in the Arab world is stereotyped in a certain way. The men are presented as hateful, violent, lascivious womanizers. While the maidens, in most cases are either portrayed as belly dancers or bombers. The Palestinians are always portrayed as...

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