A Religious Experience Through Yoga Essay

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I feel that it is quite difficult for me to write about a religious experience, when I am not sure if I have had one. So the closest idea to a religious experience for me would have to be yoga. I have been going to yoga now for about four weeks and I just absolutely love it! I felt that I needed something to provide me with balance and to help reduce stress in my life. So far, I have received more than I had originally anticipated. For the past couple weeks, I have felt more at peace and in tune with myself than I ever had before. Even though the yoga class is for an hour, to me it feels like many hours or days have gone by because I have forgotten about my worries and troubles surrounding me. Quite honestly, I am glad that I do not think about the troublesome things in my life as much anymore. I feel a lot happier and healthier with myself now.It is very interesting when we go through the various physical exercises and how our bodies respond to ourselves and to the others in the room. The exercises help to increase freedom of movement and to create an awareness of the various parts of the body. I honestly feel like my spirit has left my body and is floating in the room when I am going through the breathing and physical exercises. It's like I am giving my spirit a well deserved break from myself and my body and it is saying thank you. Another thing that I have found most fascinating with yoga is that when there is a group of us...

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