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Our cities are lacking certain outside involvement in the life to numerous displaced families. Homelessness is a continuance cycle leading to homeless people whom hang out with other homeless whom are displaced. The homeless return daily for social service needs, shelter, and not making much enough effort to sustain quality living. Starting over can introduce families to an effective approach of learning methods to begin the steps to sustaining stable life in everyday society. Utilizing buildings can assist in ways to help homeless have a better self-perception for oneself, when dealing with society or employers, job training through an adult education program, while providing shelter. (Edin & Lein, 1997).This use of empty buildings is a good expenditure to make available to the homeless. The use will help stop further growth of displaced families, open free or low cost services required to sustain quality living and give homeless a place to start over.
It takes a community to step forward in order to stop further development of homeless people. Abandoned buildings often become transient camps in many communities. Using these buildings justifies a need for facilities to house the ones on the streets. Many individuals have found homeless stay in warming shelters, or some type of transitional housing. Looking into statistics 38% of the homeless were unsheltered, staying in vehicles, abandoned building, somewhere on the street and even public places not fit for living. The National Alliance to end Homelessness found that the increase has not changed in their most recent statistics have risen since 2011 through 2012. (Henry and Sermons, 2010) A Facility opened drops the percentage of homeless, lowering the repetitive cycle. Being homeless isn’t a permanent condition, one needs housing, guidance, and a manageable support facility using abandoned building.

In Springfield Massachusetts and its region has a plan to end homeless in their area. Springfield has already had a 65% drop in homelessness in the ones that live on the street on a regular basis. The single person that comes in randomly, not living as a street person, is at an 18% drop. The program Homes Within Reach started in January 2007, in the city of Springfield Massachusetts. The plan has a ten-year goal to end homeless. The neighboring region opened another program branched off of Homes Within Reach called All Roads Lead Home in 2008. Another community has the Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness. Other towns, educators, churches, and service providers have helped in the support. The State of Massachusetts gave the network $1.1 million in a trial funding new ways to end homeless in the region. The way it is set up is to use the funds for...

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