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Application Essay For Computer Science At Standford University

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We live in a world that can’t live without binary code anymore. Computers have pervaded so deep in our lives that they are now being called ubiquitous. With phenomenal increase in users, has come a phenomenal increase in data. We generate a vast amount of data through activities on our computing devices making it necessary to employ intelligent algorithms which enable the system to learn from and analyze this vast dataset. Fortunately, the advent of Distributed Computing has created avenues to access virtually limitless computing power even through mobile devices thus, allowing us to use highly complex and large scale algorithms. However, with all this power under the hood, it is important to make the computers as usable and receptive to users as possible. I believe this interdisciplinary paradigm will have far reaching impact on industries, governments as well as our daily lives which is why I am so interested in research concerning Information Management and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction, and Mobile and Internet Computing.
In today’s world where several different domains of technology must imbricate to pacify the rapid pace of development, it is necessary to take a multifaceted approach to learning. While Electrical Engineering major courses like Microprocessors, Embedded Controllers and Digital Electronics have exposed me to computing and data storage at the lowest level, chosen Computer Science courses like Computer Systems and Programming, Data Structures and MOOCs like Algorithms, Machine Learning and Software-as-a-Service have equipped me with the latest knowledge and ideas to capitalize on the digital systems as efficiently as possible. Two initial advanced courses in Mathematics have strengthened my foundation further. This amalgamation will provide me with a strong footing to initiate my higher studies at Stanford. Courses offered at Stanford like Mining Massive Datasets, Transaction Processing and Distributed Databases, AI Principles and Techniques and Machine Learning would surely propel me towards my career goal which is to create intelligent computing technologies that leverage the massive data available to benefit the economy and the world as a whole.
Through campus placements, I have joined Oracle Corporation, India as an Application Engineer in the Mobile Development team of ATG Web Commerce. It has been a fascinating journey in which I have been exposed to large scale data storage and retrieval systems, Desktop and Mobile Web applications and Cloud Applications. As part of the New Hire Training, I was involved in developing an E-Commerce Web App based on the MVC architecture pattern during which I worked on Oracle Database, J2EE, Javascript, AJAX, REST and SOAP. My experience at Oracle has boosted my competence and has brought me closer to the industry that is closely related to my areas of interest.
I have been involved in numerous projects during my academic years at IIT Roorkee. I designed...

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