A Stationary Society To Move Forward

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Beginning with Vasco Da Gama’s voyage in the 15th century, Europe has invested time, money and lives in colonizing much of the globe. Quickly, the Europeans established a classification system for the native populations they encountered. The closer the Native tribes were to European society the more “progressed” they were. Europeans viewed progress and evolution as products of living in settlements with permanent establishments. Today, European colonization has led to globalization and a world so connected that there are only a few primitive tribes privy to isolation left in the entire world. Europeans have all but destroyed the idea of nomadic tribes that survive on hunting and gathering because this is not considered “progressive” in European eyes. Despite the cruelty of Europeans when confronting these ethnic groups, progress can only occur while dwelling in an established settlement focused on improving the state of being for citizens. It is only in societies that revolve around one specific location that citizens can flourish through increased motivation and education. In this way the residents will grow both intellectually and as a population
While living in a hunter-gatherer society citizens are never able to remain in a fixed position. These societies live nomadically travelling from one expanse to another searching for game and natural vegetation to hunt and gather. However, once the tribe has exhausted the territory of its natural resources they move on to another one to exploit. In this way tribe’s people are never motivated to better their situation in one place. By not being in one place they are not able to apply themselves to one project and one specific need. Their movement impedes their ability to create for themselves what they require. Aside from improving weapon technology and gathering methods, there is not much for these tribes to change. On the other hand, members of an agriculture society that is sedentary are forced to improve their lives everyday. Due to the being rooted to one area, citizens are encouraged to enhance their societies situation by improving living spaces and lands through technological innovations. Furthermore, these breakthroughs are only possible in established environments as improvements can only be made...

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